Best Affordable Stethoscopes 

A stethoscope allows us to listen to the sounds produced inside the body, especially the sounds of the heart and lungs. If you are medical professionals, student, or nurse who need a reliable, functional, and affordable stethoscope for medical examinations, this article can provide you with the answers you need.


The good news is that there are plenty of affordable options to consider when you are on a tight budget. However, this does not mean that the stethoscopes are of poor quality. Instead, it means that they have limited features as compared to expensive stethoscopes.


These models provide essential features such as tunable diaphragms at a lower price point. A little investment in your professional life is a sign that you are ambitious for a successful life. 


Having said that, let’s get started on reviewing the top 7 best affordable stethoscopes.


Top 10 Most Affordable Stethoscope Reviews


This stethoscope is one of the best and most affordable stethoscopes that amplifies the inner body sounds up to 40x and eliminates the background sounds for utmost clarity.

This stethoscope helps you evaluate hard to hear sounds with advanced EKO CORE technology.  

Littman EKO stethoscope is an excellent choice for medical professionals and students regarding such great features. 


Colors Available Black
Diaphragm Tunable
Battery Life 8 Hours
Battery material Lithium-ion battery
Rechargeable Yes
Chest piece Material Stainless Steel
Chest Piece Dual-sided
Bluetooth Device Yes
Hearing Aids Connectable Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Durable Packaging Box Yes


Dual-sided Chest Piece And Tunable Diaphragm

The tunable diaphragm helps you to hear sounds of different frequencies by adjusting the pressure on the chest piece.

The small pediatric-sided chest piece is suitable for children and thin patients, while the adult-sided chest piece is helpful for all other patients.

Non-Stop 8hrs Battery Life

Unlike other digital stethoscopes, the Littman CORE comes with a non-stop working rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a mini USB charging port to charge the device. 

Now you do not need to get stressed about charging the device every time. Instead, one-time charging will be enough for a day or two.

Active Noise Cancellation

The Littman CORE can connect with hearing aids, and it is perfect for someone hard of hearing.

There will be no more crazy ICU and ER background noises. It is ideal for medical staff, medical students, and nurses who work in a busy environment. 

Soft and comfortable sealing ear tips provide confident and optimal sound occlusion.

Bluetooth and EKO software for your Ease

This magical device works as a Bluetooth device. After connecting to the EKO app, you can hear and visualize the echo recordings using headphones and share them directly with your colleagues or doctor for a second opinion.

Digital and Analog Mode Toggle

The toggle button on the Bluetooth device helps to switch between analog and amplified listening modes, so you can confidently listen how you want to.



  • Lightweight
  • Two year warranty
  • Long battery life
  • Dual-sided stainless steel chest piece
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Soft and comfortable ear tips
  • Black Color



  • No cover for charging port


FriCARE dual-headed stethoscope is a highly rated and inexpensive stethoscope with great features such as a turntable chest piece that gives both high and low frequencies sound.


FriCARE stethoscope can be an ideal gift for someone in the medical profession or passionate about being in the medical field. Due to its low price, lightweight, and good features, it is famous among nurses, physicians, and medical students.



Chest piece 

Black, blue, yellow, grey

Turntable dual-sided

Chest piece material Stainless steel
Tubing material  Latex-free PVC 
Included  Extra ear tips, diaphragm, and name tag

Versatile Design And Comfortable Seal

The durable diaphragm and rubber latex-free tubing provide versatility for authentic acoustic performance. The tubing part is resistant to alcohol, oil, and sweat.

The metal O ring on the diaphragm provides a good seal and produces a better and audible sound quality. The ring is attached to the diaphragm, which helps to reduce incorrect auscultation.

Dual-sided Chest Piece

The dual-sided chest piece captures sounds of both low and high frequency. The small (bell) side detects and captures low-frequency sounds, while the diaphragm side captures high-frequency sounds.

In this way, the tunable diaphragm captures murmur sounds, SI and S2, heart and lungs sounds. 

Comfortable Ear Tips

The ear tips are attached to ear tubes so tight that they won’t fall off easily. These ear tips properly fit into the ear canal, block out the background noise and provide ideal acoustic performance. The FriCARE stethoscope package includes extra ear tips, diaphragm replacement, and a name tag.

Gifts For Loved Ones

This stethoscope can be an ideal gift for your loved one in the medical profession because the stethoscope comes with extra accessories in excellent packaging.

The low price and good performance make the FriCARE stethoscopes stand out from the rest of the affordable stethoscopes.

Easy To Clean 

After usage, you can easily clean the stethoscope and its parts with alcohol wipes or soapy water. You can clean it every day without the fear of damaging it.


Stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty and five years of service satisfaction guarantee. In this way, you can genuinely make your purchase at an affordable price and lifetime warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Giftable 
  • Reliable sound quality 
  • Tunable chest piece
  • Extra ear tips and diaphragm
  • Durable 
  • Easy to wash



  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case.

The 3M Littmann stethoscope is highly rated and most commonly used worldwide because of its lightweight, low price, and popularity.

This stethoscope is best for nurses or medical students who want to learn the sounds within the body and the basics of their training. 


Colors  Black and multiple colors
Diaphragm  Tunable 
Chest piece  Dual-sided 
Acoustic performance Good quality 
Tube design  Single lumen 
Temperature rating 15 to 25 centigrade
Warranty  Two years

Tunable Diaphragm 

3M has a tunable diaphragm that makes the auscultation easier. You can easily hear sounds of low and high frequency by modifying the pressure on the chest piece. 

Dual-sided Chest Piece

The diaphragm with a dual-sided chest piece allows you to do essential examinations much better.

The larger side of the diaphragm is best for adult patients, while the smaller side is used for pediatrics or thin patients.

The teardrop shape provides ease during auscultating the BP via blood pressure cuffs.

Tubing And Ear Tubes 

3M Littmann features improved tubing made of eco-friendly material free from latex, rubber, and phthalates to protect both the environment and humans. 

The headset consists of 2 ear tubes, ear tips, and tension springs. 

Ear tubes are automatically positioned to make a good fit into the ear. 

Ear tubes are composed of aluminum alloys, which is why the 3M Littmann stethoscope is lightweight. The ear tips are fitted with ear tubes, and they are soft, durable, and provide outstanding acoustic performance with a tight seal.



  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Dual-sided chest piece 
  • Tunable diaphragm 
  • Great for physical assessments and BP


  • No extra pairs of ear tips are included.


MDF is another popular and successful stethoscope brand. This stethoscope is functional and stylish, with a dual-sided chest piece that helps capture various frequencies.


Color  Different colors available
Chest piece Material  Stainless steel 
Chest piece style Dual-sided
Headset style  Dual leaf spring
Included  Extra ear tips, diaphragms, name tags and many more

True Diaphragm


MDF stethoscope includes a tunable and accurate diaphragm and bell with a dual-sided chest piece for enhanced performance. 

The bell side allows you to focus on low-frequency sounds, while the diaphragm captures high-frequency sounds. The bell also helps to distinguish challenging to hear sounds of the heart.

Denser Tubing 

The tubing part is latex-free and flexible. It cancels out background noise by eliminating inaccurate sounds and gives you and your patient a safer distance. 

The denser and longer tubing helps to achieve better acoustic performance.

Headset With Dual Leaf Spring

The headset is constructed with dual leaf spring technology for durability and a comfortable fit around your neck. The double leaf spring helps to make the head strong and durable enough to withstand any kind of pressure.

Comfortable Ear Tips

MDF stethoscope comes with three pairs of different-sized ear tips made of silicone to ensure a soft, comfortable fit and a better sound seal. There is a safety lock on-ear tubes to prevent eardrums from unintended puncturing. 

Ideal Gift 

The MDF stethoscope package includes replacement diaphragms, ear tips, non-chill rings, name tags, and retaining rings. You can gift this stethoscope set with all these extra accessories to your friend in the medical profession. 

Besides the affordable price, the MDF stethoscope has a lifetime warranty.



  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • It comes with extra parts
  • Giftable
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in pretty colors


  • Can get tarnished


ADC 600 is one of the reliable and high-performance stethoscopes which give the best sound quality via a one-sided chest piece. This stethoscope is made of surgical stainless steel to provide maximum durability and clear sound.

It captures both the low and high-frequency sounds during the examination of patients and provides better acoustic performance.


Colors  Multiple 
Chest piece Finish  Mirror 
Chest piece material  Stainless steel 
Chest piece style  One-sided
Diaphragm  Tunable 
Warranty  Lifetime 
Headset type  Cardiology 
Headset material  Stainless 
Included  Two ear tips pairs, ID tag and storage case


Chest Piece And Diaphragm 

Unlike other brands, ADC 600 stethoscope comes with a one-sided chest piece and tunable diaphragm. The tunable diaphragm helps to enhance both low and high-frequency sounds by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the diaphragm when examining a specific area of the body.

Accessories And Warranty 

The packaging of the ADC 600 stethoscope includes two pairs of extra ear tips made of silicone, a name tag, and a storage case for easy carrying and storing your stethoscope. Stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty so you can have a risk-free and reliable purchase.



  • Affordable and durable 
  • Extra ear tips 
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • High acoustic performance
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Suitable for hard of hearing people 



  • A little heavier than the other options


It is one of the fastest-growing brands of stethoscopes. Stethoscopes from Passionate Care offer reliable quality at an affordable price, and this premium stethoscope is the perfect choice for your medical needs.

Like the Littmann stethoscope, the Passionate Care stethoscope provides a high-end sound quality with soft ear tips. 


Colors  Black 
Style  Professional cardiology 
Chest piece  Dual head 
Warranty  60 days 

Dual-sided Chest Piece

The stethoscope has a double-sided chest piece to make sure you hear the sound of all frequencies. The open bell side and the diaphragm make you hear every heartbeat, breath sounds, and blood pressure.

Ear Tips And Tubing Parts

The ear tips of the Passionate CARE stethoscope are soft enough to provide you with a comfortable and tight seal without hurting your ears. The tubing of this stethoscope is made well and can be compressed easily. It gives you crystal clear sounds of the heart, lungs, and other body parts.

Decent Packaging And A Lovely Gift

The passionate Premium stethoscope comes in a beautiful packaging box. You can store the stethoscope in the container when not in use. This premium stethoscope can be an ideal gift set for medics or a professional physician or nurse.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Giftable
  • Dual headed chest piece
  • Superb and clear acoustics
  • Soft ear tips
  • 60 days refund policy


  • Heavy as compared to other available options


ADC 615 premium stethoscope is the more modest version of the ADC 600 cardiology stethoscope. The design of both stethoscopes is almost the same, but the only difference is in their acoustic performance. 

This model provides excellent but inferior acoustic performance at a low price compared to the 600 cardiology model.

Color  Multiple colors available
Chest piece type ADF technology
Tubing material Phthalate-free PVC 
Chest piece material  Stainless steel 
Ear tips material  Adsoft silicone 
Warranty  Lifetime 
Included  Two ear tips pairs, ID tags and storage pouch


Single-sided Chest Piece And Adf Diaphragm 

This stethoscope has a single-sided diaphragm with an adjustable frequency design to improve acoustic performance. You can hear both low and high-frequency sounds with a single-sided chest piece just by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the diaphragm.

Comfortable And Compact Design 

The stethoscope has a decent design. The tubing is made of flexible, phthalate-free, safe PVC, and ear tips are made of soft silicone material to ensure a comfortable fit.

Extra Accessories And Warranty

ADC 612 comes with two extra pairs of soft ear tips, a name ID tag, and a storage pouch. You can replace the parts for free with a lifetime warranty from ADC, and this is the reliable and genuine part of your purchase from the ADC brand.


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Sturdy and giftable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Ear tips fall off

The well-known affordable Paramed stethoscope has the outstanding quality along with the features of an expensive stethoscope. 

Unlike other affordable stethoscopes, this stethoscope is super sensitive to sounds. You can easily hear lungs, heart, and bowel sounds with the classic dual-headed chest piece.

This stethoscope is highly recommended for medics who want to learn the essential medical examination or professional doctors and nurses.

Colors  Black 
Chest piece style  Dual-sided
Diaphragm  Tunable 
Tubing  Resistant to oils, sweat, and stains
Included  Two pairs of extra ear tips, diaphragm, ID tag, and carry case

Dual-Headed Chest Piece

The paramedics’ stethoscope features a dual-sided chest piece with a tunable diaphragm. The bell side allows you to hear low-frequency sounds by pressing the chest piece, and the diaphragm helps you to hear high-frequency sounds by low pressing against the skin.

Durable Tubing And Soft Ear Tips

The latex-free elastic tube of this stethoscope is flexible enough to withstand compression and lengthy sufficient to create a reasonable distance between you and your patient.

Earplugs provide a secure fit in your ears and cancel out background noise to give you crystal clear, high-quality heart and lung sounds.

Extra Accessories 

The paramedics’ stethoscope includes two pairs of black and white color extra ear tips, a replacement diaphragm, and a carry case for your convenience. 

With this stethoscope, you can get reliable information about your patient vitals.


  • Good quality material
  • Lightweight and affordable 
  • Sturdy and comfortable 
  • Dual headed chest piece
  • It comes with extra accessories
  • Satisfactory sound quality


  • No warranty included
  1. Greater Goods Premium Stethoscope

The premium stethoscope of greater goods is ergonomically designed to give the best performance. You can hang this stethoscope around your neck without getting frustrated or tired. 

It is a lightweight and comfortable stethoscope on the market, tested in the laboratory before being sent. It means that when you are purchasing this stethoscope, you should expect a fantastic performance.

Colors  Multiple colors are available
Chest piece type Dual-sided
Diaphragm Tunable
Included Extra ear tips and diaphragm replacement

Durable And Dual-head Chest Piece

The dual-head chest piece of this stethoscope is made of a super-light material that delivers the correct frequency by capturing both low and high frequencies sounds. The chest piece design and lightweight make this stethoscope stand out from other affordable stethoscopes.

Insulated Tubing And Ear Tips

This premium stethoscope comes with insulated, latex-free, single lumen tubing and comfortable ear tips.

An internal spring within the tubing makes it durable and sound funnels for high-performance acoustics by blocking out the background noise. The ear tips are soft and tightly sealed to ear tubes. These ear tips provide a secure fit for your ears and deliver crystal clear sound quality.


The Great Goods Premium stethoscope is the only stethoscope whose every unit is being tested to ensure acoustic integrity.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Affordable and durable
  • Includes free parts
  • Great sound output


  • It Does not come with a warranty
  • It Does not work with blood pressure cuff


This is one of the most affordable stethoscopes on the market. It has a dual-headed chest piece and dual lumen tubing. This is a general-purpose stethoscope and is recommended for anyone who can not afford an expensive stethoscope.


Colors Black
Chest piece Dual-sided
Tubing Latex-free Dual Lumen Design

Dual Head Chest Piece

This stethoscope is designed for patients of all ages. The dual-head chest piece allows you to capture sounds of all frequencies and give you accurate evaluations and readings.

Dual Lumen Tubing

The tubing part of this stethoscope has dual lumens, which helps to provide you clear sound by blocking out the rubbing and background noise.

Headset And Ear Tips

The headset of this stethoscope is anatomically designed to match ear canal angles. Flexible ear tubes provide a comfortable and adjustable fit for ear tips in your ears. The stethoscope also comes with extra earpieces.


  • Most affordable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Giftable
  • Good sound output
  • Dual head chest piece 
  • Captures a wide range of sound frequencies


  • Delicate
  • It does not come with a warranty

Buying Guide For Best Affordable Stethoscopes 

It is necessary to keep different factors in your concern before buying a stethoscope. You need to invest in an affordable stethoscope as little as possible to make sure you hear the vitals correctly. 

Keep check of the following buying factors when buying a stethoscope.

Thickness And Flexibility Of Tubing

The thicker the tubing part, the more it is capable of blocking out the background noise. If the stethoscope’s tubing hangs straight, it is flexible, while if it bends in the center, you won’t be able to hear anything properly.

Therefore, for a good quality sound, keep in mind the thickness and flexibility of the stethoscope, which ultimately ensures durability.

Chest Piece Size 

The chest piece matters when buying a stethoscope. Most affordable stethoscopes have a dual-sided chest piece, which means you can use the stethoscope for pediatric and adult patients. 

The smaller side, called the bell, is used for children’s examination, and the large side, aka diaphragm, is used for adult patients. So if the stethoscope has this feature, you should not think further about buying it or not. 

Comfortable Earpieces

Earpieces play a significant role in canceling the background noise. Usually, high-end earpieces are made of soft silicone material to ensure a soft touch to your ears. 

If these high-end earpieces cancel out the background noise along with a tight and comfortable seal in your ears, then you should consider it.

Durability And Sound Quality 

Every medical professional wants to invest in a sturdy stethoscope that ensures a high-quality sound. To choose the best stethoscope, you need to determine the sound quality by checking the recent reviews and asking your colleagues before making a final purchase.

Match For Profession

The stethoscope range varies from profession to profession. For a cardiologist, doctor, or nurse, a dual-sided digital and high-performance stethoscope is recommended. 

If you are an ER doctor or nurse, you will need high-quality, comfortable earpieces and flexible tubing to cancel out the ambient noise.

When buying a stethoscope, think about your field in the medical profession to ensure the best fit for you.


What Is The Difference Between Regular And Cardiology Stethoscopes?

The main difference between cardiology vs. regular stethoscopes is changing head and chest piece design and thick tubing size.


How Should I Clean My Stethoscope?

For a health professional life, you need to clean your stethoscope every day. You can easily clean your stethoscope, the only recommended way to clean your stethoscope.

In case the parts get damaged, you can also get a repair and replacement warranty.

How Long Does An Affordable Stethoscope Last?

Stethoscopes can be used as long as they work correctly. If they come with a replacement, then you can change the affected parts without buying a new one.

Once the sound quality is damaged, then you need to replace your stethoscope with a new one.

Does An Expensive Stethoscope Work Better Than A Cheap One?

The difference in price tag indicates the quality of the stethoscope, but this doesn’t mean that inexpensive stethoscopes have lower rates. 

The quality of different stethoscopes varies from brand to brand, irrespective of the price tag. You can determine the quality of a good Stethoscope from buyers’ reviews.

Why Do We Prefer Dual-sided Stethoscopes?

Dual-sided stethoscopes are preferred because they enable you to hear both low and high-frequency sounds from different parts of the body.

How Would I Know If A Stethoscope Works Well?

If you are buying a stethoscope and not sure if it complies with all the features, you should check its positive and negative reviews and check the features such as comfort, sound quality, flexibility, durability, versatility, and manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Words

A good quality stethoscope not only makes your patient’s vitals checkup convenient but also keeps you confident when examining patients.

3M Littmann Lightweight stethoscope is one of the sturdiest and highly affordable stethoscopes because of its popularity among medical professionals and reasonable prices. 

If you are looking for a high-end and inexpensive stethoscope with features like an expensive stethoscope, then you should buy a 3M Lightweight with two years of manufacturer warranty.


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