5 Best Electronic Stethoscope For Easy Diagnose 2021

In this century, technology is getting better than before; the ability and features are increasing, and the device is shrinking more. There are many stethoscopes, but the digitalization of the stethoscope is the second step in the evolution of the stethoscope. Multiple options are available on the market, but selecting the best electronic stethoscope can be more confusing than selecting the traditional one.

There are very few electronic stethoscopes available on the market but what makes the selection process more challenging is the number of features it offers like amplification, noise cancellation, and the ability to recode and play. You can even get some so compact that they can fit in your hand. 

No worries, we have researched and selected the five best ones for you. We have also explained what features each offers and which is best for which person in our verdict section. Here is the list of the best 5 options available on the market.

Top 5 Best electronic stethoscope

  1. 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope
  2. Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope
  3. Eko Duo Stethoscope
  4. Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope
  5. Adscope 658 Electronic Stethoscope

1 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope is the most advanced stethoscope available on the market when it comes to digital stethoscopes. Littmann is a well-known brand for its quality and innovative design all around the globe, and medical professionals recommend their stethoscopes.

Core digital has all the features that you can aspect from a stethoscope. At first look, it looks like the normal premium stethoscope, with the only difference being the module on the tube near the chest piece. It has a dual-head design with a tunable diaphragm tubing that is also high quality and latex-free.  

In terms of digital capabilities, it can amplify the sound, is also equipped with active noise cancellation features, can record the audio, which you can share, and is safe.

ModeAnalog and digital 
Active noise cancellationAvailable 
Amplification 40 time
Chest Piece design Dual headed
Mobile app EKO

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation is a feature that does not make sense with a stethoscope since we have never usually heard it together because it is mostly found in the headphones, but a stethoscope is a game-changer. 

The digital aspect of the stethoscope makes the most of the thing possible, which can be done with traditional analog stethoscopes. Sometimes, especially in the emergency room, a little noisy background noise can interfere and make it difficult to listen to the body sound. But with the noise cancellation turned on, you will be able to only listen to the desired sound to make a sound judgment.


The advancement in technology opens up many doors of opportunity for many people. The Littman Core digital offers frequency amplification 40 times more than the analog mode. This amplification makes it easy to listen to the faintest to faintest sound. This feature also opens up the door of opportunity for individuals that suffer from hearing loss.

With this amplification feature, there are chances that you don’t miss any sound so that the assessment can be accurate, and so is the judgment based on this information. One feature that makes it a good investment is its ability to work as a digital and analog stethoscope. All you need to do is to toggle the switch on the EKO module. When the switch is flush with the volume button, it is in digital mode. The blinking light will also indicate it. The opposite means it is in analog mode.


Stethoscopes are essential pieces of equipment that medical professionals need, and the smartphone is an item that everyone owns. What would you get if you linked them together? The answer is a stethoscope with the possibility to record the audio, which then can be shared and recode to compare the improvement of the patient.

EKO is a mobile app that can be downloaded for free for android and IOS from their app stores. This app uses Bluetooth to connect with the 3M Littmann Core Digital stethoscope and record the audio sound for up to 120 seconds. You can also show the audio to your other friend or senior for a second opinion. All you need to do is share the audio by adding the recipient email, and they will receive the email from EKO where they can make a simple step account and listen to the shared audio.

With the latest stethoscope version, you can also connect your headphone to the stethoscope by using the app, which can be a useful feature if you use earbuds. 


In our opinion, this stethoscope is ideal for medical professionals that suffer from hearing loss or have a patient at home that needs a daily check. This can also have sufficient features to operate reliability in the critical environment.


  • Cardiology grade
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 40 X amplification 
  • EKO mobile app
  • Digital and analogue mode


  • Can be affected by electronic interference in digital mode

2. Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope

Cardionics E-Scope 7700 is another electronic stethoscope with an amazing feature that makes it superior to the non-electronic stethoscope. This electronic stethoscope comes with a number of innovative game-changer features since they can detect even the tiniest of sounds for convenient analysis of the patient’s condition. Having the ability to recode and share audio is convenient for teaching. The control on these is also very straight forward which saves from confusion. 

The slim design also makes it useful for long shifts and storage. The ability to amplify as compared to non-electronic stethoscopes makes it more reliable for making an accurate evaluation. 

Weight 3 lbs
Volume steps32
Sharing optionMicro USB 
Maximum Amplitude 120dB at 100Hz

Slim Design

The design of this electronic stethoscope is very slim, especially on the tubing, which takes less space than the other cardiology-grade stethoscope on the market. This design is also easy to wrap around the neck. The chest piece also has three buttons for easy controls. The two-button represented by the + and – symbol is for increasing the volume or, in other words, for amplifying the sound. And the third button with a dot symbol switches between the lungs and the heart sound filters. 

Second Listener

Teaching is an important aspect of being a medical professional, whether you teach the students during the house job or new recruit. One thing that can improve the learning experience is delivering the same information as you are getting from the stethoscope and where to position the chest piece for a specific sound.

With Cardionics E-Scope, this is possible. All you need is a headphone with a micro USB pin that can be connected to the headset of the stethoscope, and you can have a second output for your student to listen to.

You can also record the data and sound by connecting any recording device and can save the audio file on your PC for future comparison of patient recovery. In addition, if you are a medical professional, you might be able to share the data with your doctor or seniors for better assessment.


Most of the stethoscopes come with the adult chest piece. If you are a medical professional who treats a patient of different ages ranging from adult to infant, in that case, you probably know that the adult chest piece does not give the same level of result when checking the infant or pediatric patient.

Cardionics offers three different sizes of the bell, including adult, pediatric, and infant, as well as diaphragms of adult and pediatric to improve both the user experience and the reliability of the judgment. So you don’t need to get a spare stethoscope with an infant or pediatric bell for infant patients; this one will be sufficient.

It is also powered by the standard AAA battery, which is sufficient for four to five months, assuming you use it for 6 days a week for 30 times, which is quite a long time before it needs replacement. 


In our opinion, this stethoscope is a good option for medical professionals that want the stethoscope with amplification and a slim design. Its ability to output audio for the second listener will also come in handy during teaching the students and recording.


  • Slim-line design
  • Micro USB for connecting an extra headphone
  • Filter control for head and lungs sound
  • Three different size bell attachment 


  • Lack the display panel 

3. Eko Duo Stethoscope

Eko is responsible for creating a top-notch electronic stethoscope that is the next evolution of traditional stethoscopes. The Eko Duo is not the only model they created with a digital stethoscope. The most innovative and unique feature they have introduced is the ability to directly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Eko app gives you the visual display of the sound wave and has two electrodes made of stainless steel for checking the ECG, which will come in handy when treating the patient with heart conditions.

You can either purchase the headset or connect any headphones with them to listen to the audio because there are several settings you can do with these forms to wire to wireless. The insane audio amplification can be useful for everyone.

Sound amplification60 times
Sound filteringDiaphragm, Bell, Midrange, and Extended
Auto shut off5 min of inactivity 
Diaphragm/microphonePiezelectric digital diaphragm
Charging methodWireless

Smart Led Indicator

The indicators on their stethoscope consist of 14 led, which is simple and easy to understand and allows the manufacturer to add more space to add more useful users. There is no need for a big display on the stethoscope because it will be displayed once you connect it to a smartphone using the Eko app.

The button on Eko Dual is also very convenient, and most of the command is operated by a big circular button on the front of the device. And the two buttons for changing the volume. You can give a full introduction to what each pattern means. 

For example, to turn it on, you need to press the action button for 2 seconds until the LED starts glowing. If you want to change the filter, press the action button three times quickly, and the led will rotate in accordance with the new filter.

Wireless Charging

In our daily lives, all electronic gadgets need recharging daily. A common example is a smartphone. But connecting the charging pin to the mobile phone leads it to get lost, and almost all of us have a morning where we wake up to a low battery because the charging jack was not connected properly.

This stethoscope features wireless charging, and a charger comes in the box. You can set the charger on your office desk or at home. Put the device when you need to charge the led will indicate the charging, no hassle to connect the pin at a right angle or tangling of wire simple as that.

EKO Dual stethoscope automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity, so it does not idly use the power, which results in efficient battery usage. 


There are two stainless steel electrodes on the backside of the stethoscope, which is actually for the ECG. You can check the ECG of the patient in real-time using the EKO app, which is available for both IOS and android. You can also use the conductive gel for the patient with dry skin, which will work better. 

When you buy the stethoscope, it gives several connectivity options. For example, you can set the separate attachment of tubing and headset or directly connect your headphone using the 3.5 mm audio pin for the full experience. The second option is to connect the hearing aid if it supports wireless connectivity using the Eko app. The Eko app also allows you to save and share the audio and ECG data.


In our opinion, this stethoscope is a good option for cardiologists because of the ECG as well as cardiology grade acoustics. It’s always handy to have 60 times of amplification on hand. Also, wireless charging capabilities add simplicity and convenience.


  • Superior acoustic 
  • Stethoscope with ECG
  • 60-time amplification 
  • Compatibility with headphone and wireless hearing aid
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE


  • An overabundance of functionality

4. Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

Thinklabs have revolutionized how we used to see stethoscopes. We have seen doctors use the traditional stethoscope. The only way they can evolve further is through modern technology. This device has the full capabilities of a full pledge cardiology stethoscope, thanks to its digital amplification. Stethoscopes are usually large and bulky objects. However, this one is so compact and lightweight that it fits easily in your hand and pocket – and is only noticeable when used. 

Multiple filters are also included, and you have the freedom to switch between them for a better listening experience. The control is also simple, which you can use to select the desired volumes and filters.

Amplification 100 times 
Included AttachmentIn the ear headset
Volume levels1 to 10
Connectivity 3.5 mm audio 
Filters5 settings

Compact Design

These days, every tool and gadget is getting more advanced, efficient and seems to be getting smaller in size over time. The same has happened to stethoscopes, but Thinklab has created one of the most compact digital stethoscopes, which is just the size of a chest piece.

Even though it might look small, this minimalist design is capable of being able to hear the smallest sounds inside the body. It is capable of delivering double the amplification as compared to non-electric stethoscopes. You can also control the amount of volume to listen to a level optimal for your liking. 

In terms of aesthetics, Thinklab gives a luxurious feel with a simple yet beautiful indicator to show the volumes and filter levels that will attract attention.

Filters For Clarity 

When listing to the body sound by stethoscope, there are many sounds frequency ranges to low and to higher. For example, the heart sounds usually are in the low-frequency range compared to the lungs, which is why mostly bell is used to detect them.

For more clarity, Thinklab one digital stethoscope offers five different settings so you can listen only to the sound you want to listen to and filter the unnecessary frequencies. This will lead to better judgment. 

When using, you can select between five filters, which you can switch between by pressing the “f” button, which is the top right button of the stethoscope. 

The first filler can detect the low sound frequencies between 30 to 500hz for the heart sound, which is the strong bell mode. The second mode is like the less intense bell mode because it will only detect the frequency range 60 to 500. If the first is too strong for your taste, you can consider this one. 

The third filter setting is useful in the case of lungs sounds because its detection frequency ranges from 80 to 500hz to detect the S2 level sound same in the diaphragm mode of the stethoscope. 

The fourth filter setting will give you a higher frequency for lungs sound because it allows the sound from 100 to 1000Hz. You might experience slight ambient sound at this level because noise is usually high frequency.

The final setting allows every sound from 20 to 2000Hz indicated by all led turning on. It is also beneficial if you want to record. You can also select any two settings as your favorite allowing you to switch between them faster.

Specialized Headset

When you get the think lab One stethoscope, the special design in-ear headset is included in the box and the Hardcase pocket case, which will provide protection when stored. The headset is designed so that it does not create an unnecessary base that some third-party headphone creates, especially at a lower frequency range.

The 3.5 mm audio port allows any other headphone to easily configure, even one with noise cancellation. You also get some spare earbuds of three sizes, small, medium, and large, for maximum comfort.  


The compact and luxurious design makes it more attractive and more potable than any other. The filter setting also delivers precision, and amplification is beneficial for people with a hard heading. It also comes with special ear headphones.


  • Luxurious compact design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100X amplification than the traditional stethoscope
  • Five Frequency filter settings
  • Specialized in- headphones included


  • High price even for a digital stethoscope

5. Adscope 658 Electronic Stethoscope

ADC is another brand that has more than 3 decades of experience under its belt and has created many numbers of quality stethoscopes for every kind and use, including the electric.

Adscope 658 is the electric stethoscope made for more advanced and accurate acoustic performance.

This stethoscope the 18 times amplification, which created a great performance difference between it and traditional stethoscopes. The tubing on these is latex-free and of good quality for better acoustic performance. This stethoscope also offers an LCD to better understand the volume and battery levels.

Tubing Dual lumen 
Weighs 6 oz / 175 g
Headset MaterialStainless steel
DisplayLCD backlit 
AccessoriesMicro USB cable Scope ID tag three pairs ear tips

Dual Lumen Tubing

In a stethoscope, tubing is considered the backbone because it is responsible for sound transfer. The tubing on this stethoscope has a dual lumen design. In this tubing, a channel divides the inside of the tube into two different pathways for each ear. For a cardiology grade, performance dual lumen is considered the golden standard.

There are also three filters for sound, and you can change them by pressing their dedicated buttons. Press the left button with heart symbols for bell mode and the right button for diaphragm mode. Make sure you only hear the sound you want and aren’t distracted by any other sound. The stethoscope length is also 30 inches, and the tubing is 19 inches, which is good for acoustics since long tubing cases are slightly reduced. The overall length of the stethoscope is sufficiently enough so that you don’t need to be close to the patient, which otherwise can cause discomfort.

Easy To Follow Interface

The controls on this stethoscope are very easy to follow, and the small LCD display is indicated on the chest piece. The display shows the active mode battery and a volume indicator. There are four buttons, two for switching between the bell and diaphragm mode and the other two for increasing and decreasing the volume. This stethoscope is designed to reduce the noise by filtering the background noise and only letting the important through. The 18-time amplification also makes the experience more pleasant.

Latex Free

Allergies are a common issue these days and can ruin anyone’s day. That is why ADC made their tubing latex-free so that people with sensitive skin don’t have any discomfort. It is also beneficial even if you are not allergic to latex. Having latex-free tubing will save the patient that is allergic. 

Another chemical that is not used in tubing manufacturing is phthalates which are used to soften the PVC but are harmful. So it is also phthalates-free. Because they can cause many health issues and damage the kidney, liver, and heart, this product has been made with environmentally friendly materials. 


This stethoscope is a good option for people that want a stethoscope with an LCD display and long battery life. It also offers spare ear tips for extra comfort, and the tubing is also latex-free, which is ideal if you have sensitive skin.


  • Lightweight design 
  • Dual lumen tubing
  • Long battery life
  • Extra ear tips included
  • Led backlit


  • No option to recode the audio 

How to Select Best Electronic Stethoscope: 

Buyer Guide

Buying something can be a little existing process, and if you are selecting something for the first time, then the work is even double. This buyer guide is to help you point out the key feature that you need to look at before buying a quality stethoscope. If you want to know more about electronic stethoscope and it works you can check our article on electronic stethoscope.


There are a number of brands that make stethoscopes, but the digital stethoscope is a relatively new concept, and few manufacturers have explored this idea like Littmann, EKO, Thinklab Etc. They have done a great job and created an innovative and mind-blowing stethoscope. When selecting a stethoscope, you need to look for a manufacture that has more experience and is known for its quality. It does not mean you will always get the highest quality if you pick the most trusted manufacturer, but you will have less chance of getting a substandard product.


How the electronic stethoscope is configured can make or break the game. For example, if you want to use a stethoscope that can be used even when the battery is low, select the stethoscope that has the Digital and the analog mode so you can use it as a traditional stethoscope. On the other hand, if the compact design is a preferable feature for you, select a compact stethoscope because this kind either uses a wireless or 3.5mm connection for connecting the headphone or mobile device. Because they don’t have tubing and a headset to operate, just a headphone will be enough.

Acoustic Amplification

The most superior advantage of the digital stethoscope over the non-electric one is the ability to amplify the sound to a great extend. Most digital stethoscopes can amplify the frequency to 24 to more than 60 times, and on top of that, you can also get noise cancellation which will make a listing to body sound easier.


With digital technology in stethoscopes, Bluetooth has made many features possible, like listing and recording the sound directly on your smartphone or seeing the waveform. Some latest electronic stethoscopes can also to wireless earbuds and very convenient hearing aid. Some also offer a 3.5 mm audio pin connection. Select the connectivity option that suits you best. S

Supporting Feature

There are many features that you can set in a digital one, like recording the audio. This also has many applications, for example, for educational purposes or for keeping a record of the patient’s condition. Some also offer a dedicated app like the 3M Littmann core or EKo Duo + ECG to show the visual waveform and the audio file, which you can share. The wireless connectivity can be a game-changer, especially in this pandemic.


Is a digital stethoscope worth it?

They certainly are; the digital stethoscope is the evolution of the traditional stethoscope and delivers the acoustics performance that even the high-quality non-electric stethoscope might not be able to compete with it. Alongside the amplification, you also get the features filters setting. It will only allow you to listen to the specific frequency range, which is quite convenient in any case. 

Can you record a stethoscope?

You can recode the stethoscope audio by using the digital stethoscope. Most of the high-end stethoscope either offers a dedicated app for recording or the 3.5mm audio jack, which you can connect to any recording device. Recording options can come in handy when teaching or keeping recode of the patient’s condition.


These were the best electronic stethoscopes that were available. Along with the detailed explanation of the stethoscopes features, we have also explained its pros and cons so you can make a more refined can reliable judgment. The buyer’s guide is also presented so you can evaluate what is more necessary requirement beneficial for you.

Deciding can be a little overwhelming, so even out of these five electronic stethoscopes, you can find it difficult to choose, then you suggest the 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope. The reason for suggesting this one is that it is the best when it comes to digital models.

Because it can let you connect to the mobile app and even offers noise cancellation with 60 times more amplification while still allowing you to use it as an analog stethoscope when needed.

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