Best Stethoscope For Baby Heartbeat

Assessing a patient’s condition and treatment heavily depends upon judgment, and for making a sound judgment, you need to have accurate data. For a baby, it is even more crucial because it cannot explain itself to you, unlike an adult. In that case, buying the best stethoscope for a baby heart would be an ideal deal for you. Here are some Best Stethoscope For Baby Heartbeat.

You might be wondering what’s so special about finding a stethoscope for baby heartbeat? Well, let me tell you. The most important thing with this search is picking out something that has good quality sound amplification. You want something that will really bring the beat into your ears like nothing else.

But unfortunately, there are a very limited number of stethoscopes designed for checking the heartbeat of a baby. Selecting one that best meets your needs can be a little daunting and a time-consuming process that requires a lot of research. 

I am a pediatrician and I have to say that heartbeats are one of my favorite sounds. It is wonderful to hear the sound of life, especially when we can’t see it. This post will give you some tips on how to find a stethoscope for baby heartbeat and also provide some reviews on popular models in the market today. 


In any case, I have compiled our findings by reviewing the best stethoscope for baby heart beat on the market after analyzing lots of potential choices. 


Top 8 Best Stethoscope For Baby Heartbeat

  1. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Infant
  2. MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope
  3. MDF Rose Gold ProCardial Cardiology Stethoscope
  4. ADC – 618SF Adscope Adimals
  5. 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope
  6. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Cardiology
  7. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV
  8. Prestige Medical Infant Clinical I Stethoscope


Let’s get to the reviews.


1. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Infant

There are few brands as trusted and reputable as Littmann, which is known for its quality and performance worldwide. Littmann stethoscope classic II infant is also made a quality product. This stethoscope is designed to check the lungs, the heartbeat of the infant, and for other physical assessments. 


This stethoscope is considered the benchmark for the other infant stethoscope that is designed for infant patients. Its chest piece is made of stainless steel, Single Lumen Tubing, which is also latex-free.


Chest Piece design  Dual-headed 
Diaphragm diameter  2.7cm / 1inch
Chest Piece material  Stainless steel
Used by  Neonatologists 
Made in  USA



The build quality of this stethoscope also feels premium; the chest piece is made of stainless steel and has a very smooth finish to it. The 2.7 cm diameter Diaphragm is perfect for small infant patients.


Stainless steel also plays a vital role in the performance aspect of the stethoscope. This material has more acoustic performance than any other material and is light in size, making it perfect for carrying around without any issue.


The chest piece on this stethoscope is dual-headed, with the diaphragm on one side and the open bell on the other side. This design allows you to check the patient with more efficiency. 


With a diaphragm, you can listen to the high-frequency sound with ease, like lung condition or bowel sound and the open bell design is ideal for the high-frequency sound like murmurs or the heartbeat of the baby patient. 



The baby has sensitive skin and cries from the slightest discomfort. The chest piece is made of metal, stainless steel, which can get cold fast, especially in the winters, and in the summer, air conditioners can cause this same effect. 


And if you touch a cold chest piece to a sleeping baby, it will upset them. But fortunately, this stethoscope comes with the non-chill rim on both diaphragm and the open bell side, which will resolve the coldness issue.



If you are a neonatologist, this product will assist you in your day-to-day activity since this stethoscope is designed for baby patients. And the Littmann brand ensures top-notch quality and confidence.



  • Stainless steel chest piece
  • Floating diaphragm
  • Non-chill rim
  • Optimal headset angles



  • No spare kit included 


2. MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF is another titan of the stethoscope industry and has manufactured many quality stethoscopes; one of their products is MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope. 


This stethoscope is a convertible stethoscope perfect for any kind of age patient ranges from adult to infant. This is possible due to the three chest piece sizes adult, pediatric, and infant, and all three of them are dual-headed with one bell on the one side. Here are a few key features it has.


Chest Piece sizes Adult, Pediatric, and infant
Tubing  Dual-acoustic tubes
Warranty  Free-Parts-For-Life Program
Eartips sizes Small, regular, and large
Safety lock Integrated



One of the most distinctive features of this stethoscope is the ability to convert the chest piece. Typically most of the stethoscope is made for one range of ages because the size of the chest piece is different for different ages.


But this stethoscope comes in 3 different sizes: infant, pediatric, and adult. Infant size chest pieces are ideal for baby patient children that are little older pediatrics chest pieces can be replaced. And the best chest piece is for the assessment of adult patients. Even if you are going to use only one size, having a spare is always a benefit.



You have heard the quote the more, the merrier than that fits here perfectly because it has high-performance dual acoustic tuning channels. Tubing is made from high-quality, dense extruded PVC. 


They prevent the external noise from interfering by creating a good seal. Its nonsticking insulation protects it from the wear and tear caused due to extended use.



It comes with three different ear tips: small, regular, and large. This very small feature increases the comfortability factor to a great deal. Since we all have different ear sizes, choosing the ear tip size that fits you perfectly can be a challenge for some people.


This stethoscope also comes with diaphragms and Id tags. On top of that, MDF also includes the Free-Parts-For-Life Program.



In our opinion, this stethoscope is a good choice for medical professionals that work with a patient of a different age spectrum. Nevertheless, it is an excellent affordable choice if you treat a specific age group of patients.



  • 3 in stethoscope
  • Comfortseal ear tips in 3 sizes
  • Safety lock
  • Adjustable headset


  • Bulky design 



3. MDF Rose Gold ProCardial Cardiology Stethoscope

This stethoscope is another fine example of the MDF quality and invitation. MDF ProCardial Cardiology Stethoscope. This is a cardiology grade stethoscope and one of few of the best cardiology stethoscopes with the infant chest piece.


One of the interesting features it has is that it comes with the option to choose from stainless steel and titanium chest pieces. Like the previous MFD stethoscope, it also has three different chest piece sizes.


Chest Piece material  Titanium or stainless steel
Stethoscope grade Cardiology 
Eartips  ComfortSeal three pairs
Tubing design  C34 Sound 
Headset  The ErgonoMax



These stethoscopes have a premium feel to them, and you can get the choice to buy these stethoscopes in two different materials, stainless steel and titanium. There are very few products in general that are associated with titanium. When something is made of titanium, it becomes apparent that it is a durable and premium quality product.


The titanium weighs about 45% less than the stainless steel, and this stethoscope weighs with steel chest piece sound 9.6oz, but this is reduced to 4.9oz with titanium. This might not feel much reduction, but during long shit, you will find the difference.



Cardiology stethoscopes are designed for more high performance because the primary function expected from them is cardiology level assessment of patient condition. The dual-headed chest piece makes the check-up easy and saves time.


Another game-changer feature with this stethoscope is the ability to convert the chest piece into an infant, pediatric and adult size by simply screwing and unscrewing the diaphragm piece and the open bell, which makes it one of the few cardiology-grade stethoscopes for infants.



It features the C34 sound tubing with 34 channels etched in it because the flat one does cause echo. This significantly improved the sound acoustic and transmission to the thick and dense tube.


Along with functionality, style and color also matter, and MDF knows that that’s why they have designed this stethoscope in 7 different finishes. In the stainless steel version, you can select from original steel finish, rose gold, gold, blackout, black norie, and white-out. In the titanium version, Metalika, Cyprium, and Kaleidoscope are also included, which will match your personality.


Tubing also has unique patterns from glitter to mermaid design on them which looks very impressive and beautiful. 



This stethoscope is ideal for people who work in the cardiology department, and what style with function is possible due to the wide range of chest piece finish and tubing pattern.



  • Titanium or stainless steel chest piece
  • C34 tubing design
  • Wide variety of chest piece finish
  • Three different chest pieces and ear tips sizes



  • Eartips might not be comfortable for everyone


4. ADC – 618SF Adscope Adimals

Most stethoscopes are made for adult patients, and those made for an infant or pediatric lack the appeal toward the baby patient that ADC – 618SF Adscope has done it perfectly.


On the chest piece of this stethoscope, you can attach the snap-on of seven different animals that can be ideal for distracting the baby. The built quality in them is also quite decent and comes with five years of warranty.


Chest Piece  Adjustable frequency design
Eartips  Adsoft Plus
Tube length  22 inch 
Warranty  5 years
Spare  kit
  • 7 Animal Face Snap-On Scope
  • ID tag
  • Pair of Adsoft earplugs
  • Storage Pouch



The Adjustable frequency design on this headphone made it more functional, saves time, and makes life easier for the professionals. The chest piece is designed to allow you to listen to the high and low frequencies of the sound with just one chest piece.


Although this feature is more common in the Littmann stethoscope, this chest piece also has them, which increases the user’s confidence in this product. 


You can listen to the low frequency by adding a low-pressure sound like blood through the veins and the high-frequency sound like heartbeat and breathing sound with ease. This is time-saving, and with infant patients, this is handy because they keep grabbing the stethoscope, which can interfere with the reading.



The Adsoft Plus ear tips on these stethoscopes are made for very soft silicon material. The comfy ear tips fit in the user’s ears perfectly and make a good seal which results in the acoustic accuracy of the diagnosis. With added comfort, you can use them for an extended time without any significant discomfort.


The diaphragm of the chest piece and the retaining ring are non-chill, which will not cause discomfort to the patient.



Now let’s talk about a unique feature of this stethoscope that differentiates it from other infant stethoscopes, which is the ability to attach an animal face snap on the chest piece. Checking the heartbeat or other general assessment of the baby patient is a little trickier than an adult.


They need to keep entertained in cases like that the animal face chest pieces can come in handy. It comes with seven different animal faces panda, frog, koala, deer, monkey, tiger, and bear, which can be quickly snapped on and removed according to need.



This stethoscope is for those individuals that are child specialists or work with children’s wards. Or you can use it as a separate stethoscope for infant patients only because it has an affordable price.



  • Adjustable frequency design
  • Seven animal face
  • Comfortable ear-tips 
  • 5-year warranty 



  • Single-headed chest piece
  • Design for infants only


5. 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope

Digital stethoscopes are the latest and innovative approach in the stethoscope industry. The Littmann core digital stethoscope is one of the unique designs and makes many things possible that traditional analog stethoscopes can not.


This stethoscope has a performance level beyond ten which is more than their master cardiology stethoscope, which is the best in the analog stethoscope. The noise cancellation and the sound amplification make it possible to hear the faintest to faintest sound in the body.


Noise cancellation  Available 
Sound amplification  40 times 
Modes Analog and digital
Diaphragm  Tunable 
Mobile app EKO
Chest piece  Dual-sided



This stethoscope is ideal for medical professionals that have hearing loss because this stethoscope has sound amplification. According to Littmann claims, you can experience 40 times more amplified frequencies than the analog mode on these.


This means the faintest to faintest sound can be heard from them; whether it is an adult or a baby heartbeat, you can quickly notice the abnormalities and diagnose the treatment in time. 



Up until now, you might have only heard about noise cancellation in headphones because they have the same technology since it is an electronic stethoscope which makes this feature possible.


Noise cancelation can be a handy feature in any situation, especially in a noisy environment like the emergency room. You just need to activate the noise cancellation feature. You will only hear the heartbeat of the patient and no background noises, which will make the diagnosis more accurate and without any interference, increasing the reliability of your treatment.



During this pandemic, many activities are restricted, and going to places like hospitals can be tough. In this situation, you have a patient that needs regular check-ups, then with this stethoscope, you video call your family doctor and can show them the recording for the heartbeat and other areas like lungs.


You record the sound by installing the EKO mobile app, and it lets you record sound. If you are a doctor, you can also save the database of the patient’s reading which only you can access. You can also turn on and off the noise cancellation.



This stethoscope can be handy in case users have hearing loss. The noise cancellation and sound amplification are a great combination. This stethoscope can be used as a standard analog stethoscope.



  • Sound Amplification
  • Both analog and digital
  • Active noise cancellation
  • EKO mobile app
  • Dual headed 



  • Little expensive


6. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Cardiology

Master Cardiology stethoscope is the Littmann cardiology grade stethoscope with premium quality performance and durability that can last many years. There is no comparison for this stethoscope in the analog stethoscope category.


This stethoscope can work with both infants and adults thanks to a Special adapter. The tunable diaphragm technology allows the medical professional to identify between the low and high frequencies by just changing the pressure.


Performance  Cardiology-Grade
Tubing  Dual-lumen tubing
Chest piece material  Stainless steel
Diaphragm design  Tunable
Chest piece size 2 inches 



In a stethoscope, acoustics is the most crucial factor that can describe the efficiency a stethoscope performs. This stethoscope is designed to listen to the weakest heartbeat in a critical environment. It has improved acoustic them with the classic III stethoscope, another quality stethoscope.


The diagram of this stethoscope is turnable, another quality feature that is time-saving because you will be able to listen to high and low-frequency sounds with the same chest piece.



The sound detection is only half of the story; transmission without loss of sound to the ear is the other half. For maximum reliability, the tubing should be thick and sealed, so nothing leaks out.


The tubing on the master cardiology is dual lumen meaning there are two different paths for one ear each, which improves the acoustics of the stethoscope and eliminates the rubbing sound that is the problem in single tubing stethoscopes. 



The availability of stethoscopes that are high-performing and suitable for any age group is very limited. But this stethoscope has also solved this problem: a very special procedures adapter that comes with this stethoscope makes checking the infant and pediatric patient reliable.

The adapters are attached to the chest piece, which narrows down the diaphragm and makes it possible to check the baby’s heartbeat. The extra pair of ear tips are also included in the box to have backup ear tips in case the first one gets damaged.



This stethoscope can be helpful to the people that work in the cardiology ward or an area like an emergency room or intensive care unit because this stethoscope can be handy in a critical environment.



  • Excellent acoustics
  • Stainless steel chest piece
  • Special procedures adapter
  • Dual-lumen tubing



  • The chest piece is single-sided instead of dual



7. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV

Littmann stethoscope also manufactures another cardiology stethoscope with dual-sided chest pieces instead of single, unlike the master cardiology series. 


This stethoscope has adult and pediatric sides with the ability to convert the pediatric side into an open side chest piece which fills the gap of not having the versatile chest piece with any adapters. The dual tuning provides extra performance.


Chest piece design  Dual-sided 
Made in  USA
Diaphragm Diameter 1.7 in / 4.3 cm
Model Cardiology IV
Warranty Period Seven years



The chest piece on this stethoscope is dual side one for adults, and the other is for pediatric patients, which makes it versatile. This also saves time and cost because you can diagnose all the patients with almost one stethoscope.

It can also be converted to an open bell design on the pediatric side, which makes it ideal for low-frequency applications.



The tubing is also very premium quality, and they are also not made of natural rubber, which can be a problem for an individual with sensitive skin. It is also phthalate plasticizer-free which is harmful to the environment. The dual Dual-lumen technology also makes a big difference which eliminates the rubbing sound, which is very annoying and causes interference with the sound.



Cardiology IV has an improved design than its predecessor classic III and has 40 percent larger chest pieces and 60% more depth, increasing the acoustic performance’s efficiency and accuracy. 


In terms of color, it has many variations to choose from, the raspberry tube, smoke stem headset, and rainbow finish chest piece being one of them.



This stethoscope is a good option for someone who wants a cardiology stethoscope with a deal-headed chest piece. This makes it ideal for emergency rooms and cardiac intensive care units, which are more critical environments.



  • Adult And Pediatric chest piece
  • Improves design 
  • Multi-Color variations to choose from 
  • Spare ear tips



  • Overkill for an individual with no experience 


8. Prestige Medical Infant Clinical I Stethoscope

Sometimes you need a spare stethoscope for home use like checking blood pressure or an extra for checking the occasional infant patient so purchasing an expensive stethoscope is overkill in these situations.


Prestige Medical Infant Clinical I Stethoscope is a decently pierced stethoscope on the market that is high quality for the precise point. The stainless steel chest piece and dual-headed design make it versatile. And the wide range of color choices makes it a more attractive investment.


Material Stainless steel
Length  31 inches
Chest piece design  Infant-only
Weight  4.5 oz
Manufacturer Prestige Medical



If you need a stethoscope that does not break your bank account but still offers quality performance, then this stethoscope is a wise choice because this stethoscope costs less than forty bucks.


Even if it is affordable, that does not mean corners are cut in making this stethoscope. It offers stainless steel chest pieces and spare diaphragm and ear tips with a lifetime warranty.



The tubing on these stethoscopes is made of a thick wall single tube which delivers excellent acoustics performance without any loss in the sound quality. 


The tubing is made of latex-free material, which is good if you have sensitive skin or for the infant patient because baby skin is more sensitive than adults. The stethoscope is also light in weight, which might not offer practical use, but can be noticeable during the long shift.



How often has it been since you have lost our items either in a hurry or just misplaced and forget to retrieve them? People have found the solution for that is to engrave their name on the chest piece, which is hard to replace. But it cost extra even if you asked the manufacturer.


But prestige has presented the more economical solution there stethoscope comes with the name tag without any extra cost. You can write your name on it, and if you lose it, your colleague can identify it, can return it to you, or for extra protection, you can also write your contact info.



This is an economical option due to the affordable price. The premium quality feel makes it ideal for spare stereoscopes for infant patients handy for EMTs and nurses.



  • Cost-effective 
  • Latex-free tubing
  • Lightweight 
  • Stainless steel 



  • The diaphragm is not tunable




When buying a stethoscope, you need to keep its users in mind. In our case, selecting a stethoscope with an infant chest piece is a more suitable option, but others can also work if an infant chest piece is unavailable. 


And since you want a stethoscope that allows you to listen to the heartbeat, selecting a cardiology-grade stethoscope is more appropriate. Because they offer more enhanced acoustic and you will be able to listen to the heartbeat more easily.



If you have the option and budget for it, select the most versatile option you can get only if this characteristic does not affect the acoustic performance. 

Many stethoscopes, even cardiology ones, offer this option; for example, a stethoscope like MDF ProCardial offers three separate chest pieces for different sizes, including infant, adult, and pediatric, so you are setting 3 in one stethoscope for the price of one.


Even if you want one side of the chest piece, having an extra chest piece is always a good idea.



Acoustics is another important factor; in fact, this is the most crucial feature. Because of the performance and sound detection, the quality of the stethoscope is not as accurate and efficient as no matter how many features or high quality they are; it does not matter.



Tubing is the backbone of the stethoscope even the quality of the chest piece can be affected due to the tubing. A dual lumen tube is superior to a single-tube design. Since there are two different channels for each ear, it improves the sound transmission. This design eliminates the possibility of rubbing noise typical of single tube designs.



When selecting a stethoscope, also consider the material, especially the chest piece. The most common material from which a chest piece is a stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is the more superior material in terms of performance. That’s why stethoscopes with stainless steel chest pieces are a little more costly.



Which stethoscope is best for a baby’s heartbeat?


you can hear the baby heartbeat using a good quality stethoscope which is more affordable and available. Usually, the cardiology-grade stethoscope is available on the market. If you want to check the infant’s heartbeat, then using the specially designed chest piece that is designed to listen to the children’s heartbeat is more reliable.


Why are there two sides to a stethoscope?

Most stethoscopes have two different sides; one is the diaphragm, and the other is the bell shape design. The open ball is designed to listen to low-frequency sounds like Korotkoff sound blood pressure. And the diaphragm is for high-frequency sounds like breath sounds.



Having a stethoscope to assess the baby’s condition is necessary if you are a doctor or a nurse because the regular stethoscope is a little troublesome in this condition. You will need an infant stethoscope. There are many stethoscopes available on the market that are designed exclusively to assess the baby’s heartbeat. I have reviewed the best stethoscope for baby heartbeat and presented you with the best option that might meet your needs.


3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Infant is a good option if you deal with baby patients. They have good performance and trust in the quality of Littmann. But if you need a cardiology grade stethoscope with a versatile design, then MDF Rose Gold ProCardial Cardiology Stethoscope comes with three chest pieces for adult, infant, and pediatric.


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