littmann classic ii se review

Littmann needs no introduction; they are globally well known for producing premium quality stethoscopes with accurate acoustic performance and durability that can last many years. Because of this, stethoscopes from their company are the gold standard for those on the market.


One of their most prominent stethoscopes is the Littmann Classic II SE, representing their quality standard and innovation. They are by far the most popular stethoscope available on the market. That is why this is one of the best seller stethoscopes on the market. One proof of their popularity is the 7000 reviews on Amazon alone and still maintaining the rating of 4.7, which is astonishing. This Littmann classic ii SE review aims to offer you an in-depth analysis of this product and not miss any single detail.


Brand Littmann
Weight  4.1oz / 118g
Length  28 inches/ 71 cm
Chest piece design  Tear shaped, Dual-sided
Diaphargm  Tunable 
Diaphargm size  1.75 inch / 4.4 cm
Bell-side size 1.25 inch /3.2 cm.
Warranty  2 years
Usage Limited Physical Assessment 

Blood Pressure

Made in  USA


Littmann Classic II SE is a popular choice for medical or nursing students because of the decent price range and the sound performance. Other stethoscopes are available on the market with less price range, but the difference is a few dollars. And either they are made of inferior material. If you have a medical background or are a student, you know that the professor does not recommend the cheaper stethoscope due to the short life span.


This stethoscope is suitable for checking the blood pressure, another proper physical assessment of the patient. Many professional doctors that are experienced now started with the standard stethoscope at one point. This makes sense since this is the point at which buying an expensive stethoscope would be overkill. 

Because you will need a stethoscope for general physical assessment of the patient like listening to fluid in lungs or heartbeat rhythm, etc., a regular stethoscope like Littmann classic II can assist you with this task sufficiently. More high-performance stethoscopes than this will be cardiology-grade stethoscopes that can be used to listen to the faintest sound in the human body.


You might ask, what if I buy a high-quality stethoscope as a student? I will be able to use it when I become a medical professional. This is a good option, too, if you can afford that, but considering the rear and tear, it will take some years to reach that point, and you might need to change the stethoscope anyway. A wise choice, in this case, will be to use an affordable yet sturdy stethoscope now and buy an expensive cardiology one when you graduate.  


Now let’s discuss the features of the Littmann Classic II in detail, which will let you understand its quality. 


Littmann Classic II Se Review

Chest Piece 

Dual-Headed Chest Piece

The chest piece of this stethoscope consists of the deal-headed design with the bell-shaped part on one side, and the diaphragm part on the other. The chest piece is made of metal and resin composite and not a heavier material like stainless steel. The rotatability of the chest piece makes life easy because you can just turn the chest piece to the other side without worrying about the strain on the tubing.

Tunable Diaphragm

Those of you familiar with Littmann stethoscopes will not be surprised to learn that this chest piece has a tunable diaphragm, as most of their products do. 


The tunable diaphragm is a unique and innovative feature that is very handy. With this, you can listen to the high and low-frequency sound with just one side by simply adjusting the pressure. A clinician adds light pressure he will be able to listen to a low-frequency sound like Korotkoff while checking the blood pressure. 


On the other hand, the high-frequency sound can be heard by applying firm pressure, which restricts the movement of the diaphragm. As a result, allowing you to listen to high-frequency sounds like breathing sounds might help diagnose lung fluid or other anomalies.

Tear-Shaped Design

This stethoscope has a slightly different chest piece design than other stethoscopes. As opposed to the circular design found in most conventional stethoscopes, this one has a tear-shaped design. This is not for show but rather serves a functional advantage because the uniquely shaped design makes it easy to place under the pressure cuffs and bandage, making it easy to take blood pressure readings.

Non-Chill Rim

Satisfaction of the patient is also important, and Littmann knows why the chest piece has non chill. In winters from the old and summer, the chest piece becomes cold due to the air conditioner, which will cause discomfort when it touches the patient’s bare skin. However, the non-chill rim will prevent this from happening, which can be found on both sides.


The diaphragm diameter is 1.75 inch / 4.4 cm, which is the same as the master cardiology stethoscope, another superior stethoscope by Littmann and the bell size is 1.25 inch /3.2 cm. When it comes to the chest piece finish, it only comes in one.


Tubing is another important component of the stethoscope. You can say it is the backbone of the stethoscope because its performance is directly affected by it. Because no matter how efficient and accurate a chest piece is, if the tubing can not transmit sound without any loss, it does not matter.

Single Lumen 

Fortunately, the tubing on the Littmann stethoscopes is always premium and high performance; the same can be said for the tuning quality of this stethoscope. The single lumen tube makes it more affordable than a double tube. 


The stethoscope length is 28 inches or 71 cm, which is an inch longer than many high-performance stethoscopes of the Littmann. The length of the tubing is just right, not too short nor long, because too long tubing can cause a loss in acoustics. Too short means you have to get too close to the patients when checking, but classic II S.E. has the right length.

Durable And Flexible 

When it comes to durability and flexibility, it has also got you covered. The thick tubing is durable which will retain its shape easily even after folding, which will be a common occurrence if you live to place them in your pocket a lot.

If you don’t like to put them in your pocket, then like many others, you will wear them around your neck when they are not in use. If that is the case, you will appreciate its smooth texture, which will not cause any issues like pulling at your hair from the back of your neck and feeling smooth on the skin. 


Like all Littmann tubing, this one is also not made of natural rubber, which is latex-free. If you or your patient have sensitive skin, this will not cause any allergies. Littman contributes to the medical field and the environment by not adding phthalate plasticizers to their tubing that can be harmful to the environment.

Tube Color

While color might not offer much in functional advantage, it does not hinder any feature or task either. Freedom to choose from a wide range of colors is always demanded because it allows you to personalize the product according to your personality.

Littmann offers quite a decent color of tubing to choose from. The most common one is black, but you can also get it in burgundy, Caribbean blue, ceil blue, and pearl pink, which look good around your neck.

Headset And Eartips

Aerospace Alloy

Now about the final component of the stethoscope, which is the headset. The headset’s build quality is also sturdy because they are made of Aerospace Alloy, which makes it durable and lightweight. According to Littmann, the headset can be flexed without any problem about one million times; that’s how confident they are in their quality. 


The angle of the headset is also optimal, which enables it to form a comfortable fit and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Another element of the stethoscope that contributes toward the comfortability of the stethoscope for the user is ear tips. The quality and comfort factor of the Littmann ear tips is second to none. The ear tips are made of very soft silicone material that creates the perfect fit, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the sound and, in the long run, the judgment made on those reading.

The snap-on design also enables the ear tips to fit tightly on the headset and don’t come off easily to protect it from causing any injury to the ear.


The overall weight of this stethoscope is 118 grams which makes it one of the most lightweight stethoscopes available on the market. Weight might not seem like an important element to some people when selecting a stethoscope, but it is also important. Because you will probably wear it around your neck at first, it might not feel much, but during the long shift, the weight will become apparent, so lightweight is more advantageous.

Price And Warranty

Since they are very economically priced, they are very affordable, which makes them not only lightweight but also a light on the pocket. They cost almost 60 dollar on the market, which is much cheaper than any other stethoscopes but. Overall, it has great value for the money spent. Additionally, they offer a two-year warranty, another assurance that will give users some peace of mind.


In our opinion, this stethoscope is a good option for medical and nursing students that don’t know what a quality stethoscope is that doesn’t break your bank balance. This stethoscope is also an option for individuals for an individual that wants a lightweight stethoscope. They can reliably use general body contours like blood pressure, making it a valid option for home use stethoscope.


  • It is an economically priced stethoscope with a decent acoustic.
  • Twenty-eight inches tubing offers sufficient length.
  • Tearchape chest piece ideal for taking blood pressure.
  • One of the lightweight stethoscopes.
  • Latex-free, durable, and flexible tubing.
  • Different color tubing options.
  • Comfortable ear tips.
  • Non-chill rim.
  • 2-year Warranty.
  • The tubing texture has a smooth feel to it
  • Diaphragm is tunable 


  • Acoustic performance is not cardiology-grade; it provides value for the price.
  • The tube has a single lumen tubing design rather than a dual.
  • Does not have a pediatric side.
  • Stainless steel is not used in the chest piece.
  • Does not comes with any spare kit.



Q.Do medical students need stethoscopes?

A.Yes, in some of the medical disciplines, a student is required to have a stethoscope, both medial and a nursing student. Sometimes your medical school recommends the stethoscope, and sometimes it is up to to you. Most of the time, students are not required to have a cardiology grade stethoscope because a regular stethoscope can do the job just fine. You can switch to an expensive one once you are medical professionals.

Q.Do stethoscopes go bad?

A.Some manufacturers do encourage you to replace your stethoscope after a year or two. But if you have bought a stethoscope from a well know brands like 3M Littmann or MDF, then chances are they last many years before any need for replacement. They offer a warranty of some year or in case of some products lifetime. But also consider the acoustic performance aspect of the stethoscope.

Q.Is it unprofessional to have a colored stethoscope?

A.The Colour of the stethoscope does not make you unprofessional as long as you know how to use them properly. Colour does not cause any endurance in your daily duties as a medical professional. Many stethoscopes manufacturers do offer different colors; some even have products with pattern tubing. Colors are just for your satisfaction and allow you to personalize them according to your personality. 

Summing up

We have presented you with the detailed Littmann classic ii SE reviews. So you can evaluate that either it meets your need or not, which will significantly aid you with the selection decision. Littmann classic ii S.E. is affordable with good value for money, which makes it a worthy investment. By offering reliable blood pressure readings and other general-purpose evaluations makes it suitable for medical students. We hope this review is helpful and presents a clear overview of this stethoscope.


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