Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Review

Littmann-Classic-III-Stethoscope-Review1Among the stethoscopes, the one that is considered the top brand is the 3M Littmann. They have manufactured many top-quality stethoscopes that are known for their performance and unmatched quality. This guide about the 3m Littmann classic iii stethoscope review contains everything you need to know before making a purchase. 

Littmann Classic III is the Littmann popular stethoscope with the stainless steel chest piece which is dual-sided for adult and pediatric sides. The tunable diaphragm and the latex-free tubing make life easy. They offer amazing acoustic sensitivity with a five-year warranty at an affordable price.

Littmann Classic III is Littmann’s very popular stethoscope and is ideal for medical professionals that work in a non-critical environment and monitor and assess children and adult conditions. Nurses and the EMT can easily use it during the long session since it is lightweight than most stethoscopes. 

This stethoscope is also a good option for medical and nursing students. If you want a stethoscope that has good acoustic performance that cost under eighty dollars then this is what you are looking for. 

Although there are other options available on the market at the same price range this one has the edge in many ways. The stainless steel used in the making of the chest piece is considered to be more superior to many other metals like aluminium or plastics that’s why more topnotch stethoscopes use stainless steel for the chest pieces.

The number of 3m Littmann classic III stethoscope review on amazon is more than 26000 with 4.8 ratings out of 5 which means it assures that this is a quality product. They are also one of the top sellers in the stethoscope section.

They also offer everything that you expect from a good quality stethoscope from the dual-headed chest piece to the tunable diaphragm, flexible and thick tubing in making sure you get an accurate and reliable reading. They also offer a wide range of vibrant tubing colours and chest piece finishes. 

3m Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Review

Chest Piece stethoscopeChest Piece 

The material from which the product is made affects the performance and the lifespan of that object. Littmann Classic III is made of fine stainless steel that is the standard material for the premium quality chest piece. Because it makes it lightweight and gives better sound than other light materials.

Dual-Head Design 

The chest piece on this stethoscope has a dual-headed design it not just look stylish but also offer the functional feature. That is necessary for this age where time is necessary and on time judgment and action can save us from bigger disasters. 

The dual-head chest piece like the Littmann classic III makes it versatile. Adult side on the side and the pediatric side on the other make sure you can monitor and assess the patient from every age. The pediatric side also has the option to turn it into the open bell design by simply removing the diaphragm and placing the non-chill rim. 

Tunable Diaphragm stethoscopeTunable Diaphragm

The most notable feature of this stethoscope is its tunable diaphragm, where you can adjust the frequencies to both higher and lower levels by simply exerting the pressure higher and lower on your clients. This feature is common in every Littman stethoscope.

Old is when doctors used traditional stethoscopes with digraphs on one side for high frequencies and bell on the other side for low frequencies. The Littmann brand does not even upgrade their stethoscope, but they have revolutionized the whole industry.

If you want to examine the patient and are looking for a low-frequency sound like blood flowing through the vein then lightly press the chest piece. But if you are looking for a high-frequency sound, firmly press the chest piece and you will be able to listen to the high-frequency sound. 

This eliminates the need to rotate the chest piece to open the bell side. For low frequency, you can do both with just one side which is time-saving and more reliable data on the patient condition.

Non-Chill Rim

There are some features without which a stethoscope can function fine but if they are added it can increase the value of the product to a great deal non-chill rim is none of those features. The metal is a good conduction of heat and when the summer comes and the air condition makes the metal of the stethoscope cold or in winter from the cold weather. 

Although it does not affect the performance or the user it can cause disturbance to the patient and if the patient is an infant it will cry, non-chill rim can avoid this. 

Diaphragm Diameter stethoscopeDiameter

The adult side of the chest piece of the classic III is 1.7 inches / 4.3 cm which is ideal for the efficient and accurate acoustic. The pediatric side of the chest piece is 1.4 inches / 3.4 cm making sure you can hear sound accurately over the large area. It is also 20 mm in which is 9 mm slimmer than the Cardiology IV  and other cardiology grade stethoscope by Littmann. This slimmer design gives it the advantage to easily slide under the pressure cuffs that are used when you measure the blood pressure 


The appearance of our stethoscope can affect our mood and as a result our productivity and efficiency. The feature to choose from multiple options is always an appreciated feature. Littmann classic offers a wide range of chest piece finishes such as mirror, smoke, champagne, black matte, Rainbow, copper, and machined stainless steel. This ability to custom the stethoscope allows you to adjust it according to your personality and preference.

ADC Adscope Lite 612 Lightweight Platinum Clinician StethoscopeTubing 

Tubing is the second most important component of the stethoscope and like the chest piece, its composition also affects the sound transmission. Because it connects the booth chest piece and headset of the stethoscope, good quality is a must for efficient acoustic.

Build quality 

The build quality of the tubing is very fine and has a premium feel to it although it is single lumen instead of dual lumen the quality of the sound is very good. The feel and the texture of the tubing are also very smooth which does not cause discomfort to the skin.

The tube is flexible, which means even when it is folded. It can come back to its original place without any problem which is a common occurrence for people who put it on. These qualities make this 3m Littmann classic iii everyone’s favourite on a budget.  


Tubing on this is sufficient length neither to short to long. If you have ever used and stethoscope you might be aware of the discomfort caused due to the short tubing of the stethoscope. Because the short tubing case you to bend down when checking the patient like children or if you have high height. The 27 inches length of the stethoscope is enough to avoid this issue. 

You might ask the more the better but in the tubing, it is the opposite the more length a stethoscope has the more length a tube have the more the sound will be lost during the transmission. So tubing length should be at a certain length which this stethoscope has nailed.

Latex-free Tubing

Allergies are the common dilemma of this day and age which can make your daily life difficult. Littmann has to make a positive step in this direction there tubing is not made from natural rubber in other words it is latex-free. So if you have sensitive skin this will be a relief to you and your patient that also have an allergy to latex.

Another environmentally friendly step that Littmann has made is to not use harmful chemicals like phthalate plasticizers. This chemical is used to soften the PVC but it has a very harmful side effect on human health and the environment and not including this chemical prevents that.

Vibrant Colour

Colours have a positive effect on the behaviour to the use and give joy same as when we get dresses and shoes in our favourite colour they offer no function advantage but it is always liked. classic III has many colour choices when it comes to the tubing colours Black, Burgandy, Caribbean Blue, Ceil Blue, Grey, Lavender, Lemon-Lime, Navy Blue, Pearl Pink, Plum, Raspberry, Turquoise and Chocolate. Which all the colour options anyone can find their favourite colours without any issue.

Headset And EartipsADC Adscope Lite 612 Lightweight Platinum Clinician Stethoscope

A headset is not just responsible for delivering the sound to your ear but also plays an important role in comfortable and long term use. The headset of the Littmann classic is made from the  3m Littmann classic iii is made with both aerospace steel alloy and anodized aluminium. These materials let the sound travel faster than other mediums, so the quality is top-notch. This also gives it durable by still keeping it lightweight.

When it comes to the finishes of the headset is also has several options but usually, the finish is also in the same colour as the chest piece so with the correct tubing colour you can create the matching stethoscope that is not black and sliver it can be whatever you want. 

EMTs and nurses have very long shifts in which they are required to do any task that involves monitoring and assessing the patient. In that situation, comfortability is essential because individuals are going to wear it for a very long session. 

Littmann’s ear tips are always considered comfortable throughout the medical personals that used them in the past. It also comes with regular ear tips that are included in the box which is another point that other manufacturers miss because ears vary from person to person. So the ability to choose ear tips that make the perfect seal is always good.


The weight of the Littmann Classic III is 150 g which is lightweight as compared to many other stethoscopes on the market and even in the Littmann series.  Weight is often neglected when buying a new stethoscope but the lightweight one will not cause issues in the long shift the heavy one on the other side will.

Price And Warranty 

The 3m Littmann Classic is a top-notch quality product in this price range. Paying less than 100$ for a premium experience is nothing but satisfaction. However, the price can vary a little when you use a different colour of tubing and chest piece. 

Generally speaking, the quality of these 3m Littmann classic iii stethoscopes in this price range is very affordable for everyone in the medical field. You do not have to empty your pockets for buying a 3m Littmann classic iii, even when you are a student.  The 5-year warranty also gives the user confidence in its durability and build quality. 


Littmann Classic III in over opinion is designed for the nurses and medical students because they are said to be for monitoring and physical assessment of the patient condition. Also, it gives good value for the money and is a good investment.

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

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  • Brand: Littmann
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Chest piece design: Dual headed
  • Adult side: 1.7 inches / 4.3cm
  • Pediatric side: 1.3 inches / 3.3cm
  • Length: 27 inches / 71 cm
  • Weight: 158 grams / 5.5 oz
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Diaphragm: Tunable
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Spare kit: Small Ear tips, Non-Chill Rim
  • Build for monitoring and physical assessment
  • Dual-sided chest piece Adult and pediatric
  • Wide range of vibrant tubing colours and finish
  • Two tunable diaphragm
  • Durable and flexible design
  • Latex and phthalate plasticizers free tubing
  • Lightweight
  • 27 inches length
  • 5-year warranty
  • Is not cardiology grade
  • Single lumen tubing instead of dual
  • Tubing comes in one size

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell If My Littmann Is Real?

You can identify whether you have a real Littmann stethoscope by confirming the serial number which is engraved on the chest piece. If you are not able to do it then you can also contact them from their website. Always buy from a certified dealer to be on the safe side.

Summing up

Researching and selecting a product that best suits your need is a lengthy process where detailed information places a key role in choosing the right thing. This 3m Littmann classic iii stethoscope review presented with the objective that you can get information regarding every aspect of this stethoscope.

This stethoscope is designed for monitoring and assessment with 27 inches in length and with two tunable diaphragms. It also offers the freedom to choose between different colours and finishes and a 5-year warranty make it a good option but if you want a cardiology grade stethoscope then Littmann’s cardiology series is a more suitable option

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