Littmann Master Classic II Review

Frequently Asked QuestionsMaster Classic II stethoscope is a more affordable and excellent acoustic performance than many stethoscopes in the market at the same price range. With thick tubing 27 inches and durable chest piece made of high zinc alloy gives better sound quality. These stethoscopes are also very popular. You get the idea that there are more than 2700 Littmann master classic ii reviews on amazon. From which 89 % have five stars making it score of 4.8 stars which are impressive on its own.

It goes without saying that Littmann is a top stethoscope manufacturer in the industry. The stethoscope it produces is the benchmark to which other stethoscopes are measured. Littmann has a stethoscope for every user from general to advanced cardiology and electric, which opens many possibilities. 

Litmmnn master classic II is one of the mid-range stethoscopes from the classic series. The single head design makes it simpler and easier to operate, and there is no compromise on the sound. If you are not a fan of the dual chest piece or just prefer a single chest piece, then this one might be for you. 

Like other stethoscopes from the classic series, this one is ideal for monitoring the patient’s condition. Mostly the nurses and the emergency medical technicians (EMT) are the ones who are responsible for the initial general assessment of the patient’s condition. Taking the blood pressure and checking for other abnormalities in the patient’s condition saves a lot of the doctor’s time. And the monitoring of once the patient is treated, their condition is to be monitored regularly. This stethoscope can aid you sufficiently.

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  • Brand: Littmann
  • Model: Master Classic II
  • Chest piece design: Single-sided
  • Tubing: Thick Single lumen, Latex-Free
  • Tunable diaphragm: Yes
  • Length: 27 inches / 71 cm
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Chestpiece size: 1.75 inches / 4.4 cm.
  • Warranty: 3 year

In terms of design, it has a sleek design that will look good around your neck. The length of the tube is just right, the finish on the chest piece is also smooth and clean, enhancing its aesthetics even more. The headset is also as durable and smooth as most of the Littmann stethoscopes.

Littmann Master Classic II Review 

Chest Piece PARAMED Stethoscope

The chest piece is one of the essential components of the stethoscope whose quality can make or break the performance quality of the stethoscope. From material to shape or design, all play a crucial role in its efficiency and accuracy.


The chest piece on this stethoscope is made of an award-winning durable chest made of dense zinc alloy that makes sure it lasts many years in your possession. You might need to change ear tips or diaphragm after some years, but every other component like chest piece will be in your possession for quite a while.

Single-Sided Design

The unique feature that makes it different from the other Littmann classic stethoscope is its chest piece design. Master Classic II has a single-sided chest piece design which has its advantage. 

The single-sided make sure the sound is heard clearly, and it does not let sound escape because the other side is solid shut. With the dual-side design, this is not the case. Most of the cardiology grade stethoscopes also have a single-sided design to improve the acoustics performance and less loss of sound. 

This design also has another advantage: the back design; since the chest piece is single-sided, the other side has a wonderful and easy-grip design. So you can have a firm grip without straining your fingers. The slim design also comes in handy when checking the blood pressure reading, and you have to put it under the pressure cuff. Ideal for day-to-day tasks of the  EMTs professionals.

Tunable Diaphragm Tunable Diaphragm stethoscope

If you have ever used a Littmann stethoscope, you will not be surprised that this model has a tunable diaphragm. The individual who has not used a tunable diaphragm before let’s explain what it is or how it works. Tunable frequency diaphragm technology is convenient because it allows you to listen to low and high-frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure.

If you want to listen to low-frequency sounds like a heartbeat, you just need to put the chest piece and slightly press it will cause the diaphragm to vibrate without any restriction allowing the low-frequency sound to listen easily. Press firmly for the high-frequency sound like breathing and lung to evaluate the abnormalities or fluids etc. This is possible due to the frim pressure; the diaphragm’s movement is restricted, and you will be able to listen to high-frequency sounds. 

This saves time and ensures accuracy because you can evaluate the same support in different frequency ranges without moving the chest piece.

Non-chill Rim 

The non-chill rim also makes the patient comfortable, especially in the cold weather when metal gets chilled easily or in the summer with the air conditioners. Non-chill prevents the discomfort that causes when the hard metal touches the skin.


Since the chest piece is made of metal, there are options of different finishes that the manufacturer is possible. And Littmann does manufacture them in two different finishes one is an original metal finish, and the other is a black finish. Indeed, there are not many options like other chest pieces, but it still has two options rather than just one silver finish that some stethoscopes offer. Black finishes are the most like amongst medical professionals.


The diameter of the master classic II is the same as the master cardiology, which is 1.75 inches / 4.4 cm. This is the standard size of almost all of the adult side chest pieces of the Littmann stethoscope. The big surface area will allow you to hear sounds from a wide area.

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Essentially, the tube is the part that connects the headset and chest piece in a stethoscope. That’s why it directly affects the acoustic performance of the stethoscope. That’s why choosing a good quality thick tubing is necessary for a good stethoscope.


The tubing of this stethoscope is made from a quality high-quality material that is single lumen but has an extra thick design. Thickness prevents the sound from leaking out, resulting in accurate and effective sound transmission. So that the sound reaches to your ear can almost be the same that the chest piece has captured. 

Durable and Flexible 

A dense design also means more durability and long life of the products. It also has a smooth design texture that will not cause any discomfort to the neck. The next-generation tubing is also very flexible. If you put your stethoscope in your pocket instead of wearing it around the neck, then you probably keep it in your pocket. It will regain its shape without any damage. 

It also has improved resistance to oil and alcohol. It will protect it from stains and be easy to clean since it is resistant to alcohol.


Allergies are a common dilemma these days, so if you have sensitive skin, you will be relieved to know that Littmann does not make their tubing from nature which means it is latex-free. Even if you don’t have any issue with the latex, you might have patients that have, so it is always a relief.

Littmann has also contributed to the environment by non adding phthalate plasticizers. This chemical can be used in softening the PVC but is harmful to human health and the environment.

Colour And Size

The tubing size is also an essential factor when selecting a stethoscope because a shot length will give you good sound quality, but you might not like to get too close to the patient. On the other side, long tubing might give you the advantage of not bending or getting too close to the patient during a check-up, but long tubing affects the acoustic performance.

The 27 inches tubing is just right, not too long or short. When you wear them around your neck, the chest piece will not hit you every time you move around, which is an issue with long length. 

We like colorful things, and selecting the color over favorite or matching color to our clothing is common to desire. We have reviewed stethoscopes with black color, but In terms of tubing color, master classic II offers many different color options to choose from black, burgundy, purple, navy blue, Caribbean blue, hunter green, pine green.

Headset And EartipsGreater Goods Premium Stethoscope

The final component of the stethoscope is the headset and ear tips. They have their importance when it comes to comfortability. Aerospace Alloy is the material of the headset in the master classic II, which is very light, durable, and aids in sound transmission by not letting sound loss occur during transmission allowing it to survive from day to day wearing for an extended period of use.

The ear tips of the Littmann stethoscopes are very comfortable to wear and form a perfect seal around the ear, preventing any external sounds from entering, thereby improving diagnosis efficiency. The master classic II comes with a set of long hard and soft ear tips. Having extra ear tips is always good.


Weight is a characteristic of the stethoscope that is often neglected when buying a stethoscope. How heavy or light a stethoscope is contradicts the amount of time you can use it without discomfort. 

This stethoscope weighs around 160 g which is lighter than Littmann master cardiology and other cardiology grade stethoscopes. This enables you to wear them for long shifts without causing any discomfort. 

Price And Warranty

When it comes to the price, they currently cost less than the 100 dollars on the market, which is the same as the classic III. So if you want a stethoscope with a single side chest piece design of under hundred dollars, then this might be for you. 

The three-year warranty also gives peace to the users, and it also comes with extra ear tips, soft and hard ones, and the user manual.


In our opinion, it is a good option for the medical professionals that are EMTs. If they are looking for a single-sided chest piece with 27 inches of tubing under 100$, then this is also a good option for them.

  • Better acoustic performance
  • 27 inches long length
  • Thick, durable tubing
  • Durable chest piece made from zinc alloy
  • A headset that is designed Anatomically
  • Non chill rim for comfort
  • Latex-free tubing
  • A tunable diaphragm for capturing low and high frequency
  • Comfortable ear tips
  • Single-sided chest piece
  • The diaphragm comes off easily after some time of use
  • It only offers two finishing options
  • No pediatric side

Frequently Asked Questions

 For what Littmann Master Classic II is useful?

According to Littmann, the acoustic performance level of the Littmann master classic II is eight, after which comes the cardiology grade stethoscope like cardiology IV with level nine. So it is suitable for the monitoring and physical assessment of the patient’s condition. The slim design is ideal for tasks such as blood pressure checking or other abnormalities in the patient’s body. 

Does engraving a stethoscope damage it?

Engraving on the chest piece does not damage it, but it may void your warranty, so be careful. Suppose if the warranty is over and you want to engrave the name, you can bring them to your jewelry shop but only do it for the chest piece and not the tubing because it may damage the tubing integrity and life.

Can I get a replacement diaphragm of the Littman stethoscopes?

Yes, you can get the replacement diaphragm ear tips or retainer ring of the Littmann stethoscope. These parts can wear off through extended use over time, or they get lost and then get lost then replacement is the only option. Fortunately, you can easily find the replacement parts of the Littmann stethoscope from their website. They can also be found on amazon. 

Summing Up

Selecting can be a tiresome process that requires hours of searching and confirming to save you from that hassle; we have presented you with this elaborated Littmann master classic ii reviews. Littmann master classic is a viable option for medical professionals if they like single heads design; tubing is thicker than other classic series with excellent acoustic sensitivity.

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