How To Put Id Tag On Stethoscope

The ID tag on the stethoscope is used for identification purposes. This may include both the name of the individual who owns the stethoscope and their medical license number. However, do you know how to put id tag on stethoscope to prevent it from getting mixed up with others?How To Put Id Tag On Stethoscope

The first thing is to remove the bell or slide the bell over the tube. Slide the ID tag to the appropriate position, while squeezing both ends until the tag crosses over itself. For a firmly held tag, you should apply gentle pressure with pliers while covering the tag with a cloth.

However, the application of the above-mentioned process is easier said than done. You may end up using the wrong technique if you find yourself stuck somewhere. The following sections of the blog will discuss in detail how to put an ID tag on the stethoscope to help you get the job done properly.

How To Put Littmann Id Tag On Your Stethoscope?

Littmann also offers quality services when it comes to making ID tags for stethoscopes. The following are some suggested ways of putting your Littmann ID tag on your stethoscope:

  1. You must wrap the Littmann name tag around the binaural spring to put it on the stethoscope.
  1.  You can insert the arms of the stethoscope in front of the tag by looping them around it. 
  1. It should click when pressed. 
  1. Attach the nameplate to the front of the tag after removing the adhesive backing of the tag. 

A great advantage of using the Littmann ID tag is that anyone can do the engraving for you. In most cases, companies supplying the ID tag restrict professionals to only use the company’s services when it comes to engraving. 

How to put id tag on stethoscope Removing the Bell?

One of the most typical ways of inserting an ID tag on a stethoscope involves removing the bell for enhanced convenience and ease of insertion. 

Step1: Remove the Bell from the StethoscopeRemove the Bell from the Stethoscope

  • This is done so that it doesn’t get in your way.
  • Remove the sticker that says ID and Bell only, please

Step 2: Take off Clear Plastic Tubing and Unscrew Piece

  • Take off the clear plastic tube that is attached to your stethoscope.
  • Remove the screwing piece from the stethoscope.
  • Put one side of your ID tag in the plastic tube to keep track of it and have easy access.

Step 3: Put the ID Tag on the Other Side of Plastic Tubing and Screw It Back On

  • Slide your ID tag into another side of the clear plastic tube.
  • Make sure it is in securely and will not come out. Then screw back on the piece to hold it tight.

You are now finished with adding the ID tag to your stethoscope!

How to Put an ID Tag on a Stethoscope Without Removing the Bell?

It is frightening for some nurses to take out the bell because they are afraid of the risks involved. Quite often, new healthcare professionals end up damaging the bell when they remove it to install an ID tag.

High-end stethoscopes are not inexpensive. Instead, they require a handsome amount of investment whenever someone tries to grab a quality one. Therefore, if you are one of those professionals who are afraid of removing the bell, there is good news for you!

The following are some types of ID tags that you can try if you want to install an ID tag without removing the bell.

How To put Cuff-Style ID tagsHow To Put Id Tag On Stethoscope1

Cuff-style tags are one of the most common ID tags used by professionals throughout the globe. An opening at the back of the ring is what enables you to put your tag without removing the bell. They come in multiple sizes to accommodate people with varying needs. 

However, the important thing is you can add as many as you want as their size is relatively smaller than other types of ID tags. Place one on your device by following these steps:

  • While holding the cuff in one hand, strongly hold the tubing in the other.
  • Place the tubing into the cuff with the help of the cuff’s opening.
  • You can now easily adjust the location of your tag based on your preferences.
  • After adjusting the location, it’s time to add some sturdiness to ensure the tag stays in place. 

For this purpose, apply some pressure at the openings at the back of the cuff to increase firmness. You can use your fingers all around the cuff gently to get the job done.

However, you can go for a hammer if you are looking for an enhanced grip. However, there are some precautions that you need to consider while using the hammers. The following are the most important among them:

  • Wrap the metal with a cloth to avoid scratching before using any hammer to apply pressure on the tag.
  • Start with small openings at the end and gently press around the ring with the help of a hammer.  

After applying the pressure, you can expect your tag to stay in place while you attend to a variety of patients at the clinic. 

How To Put Wrap-style ID RingsHow To Put Id Tag On Stethoscope3

The second type of stethoscope ID tag that you can use without removing the bell is wrap-style ID rings that have your name engraved on them. Below are the steps you need to follow to put these wrap-style ID tags on your stethoscope:

  • Place the ID ring so that your name appears on the top side and the rest of your credentials appear on the bottom.
  • Hold the stethoscope tubing firmly and start inserting the ring carefully.
  • Gently wrap the tubing around the ring. Wrap the top part of the tubing around the ring before moving to the bottom part. 
  • It will automatically insert the ring into the tubing without involving any hassle. 
  • Adjust the position of the ring in accordance with your needs. Though it gives a nice grip if you add it to the top.  

Once you have positioned the ring at the desired location, you can get rid of any gaps in there for enhanced grip. If the gap persists, you can start pinching the ring to eliminate the gap. Gently move the ring while you are pinching it to obtain an even shape. All you have to do is squeeze the ring gently until it reaches the shape you want. 

Alternatively, you can use a small hammer for enhanced convenience, as discussed earlier.

Other Ways To You Customize Your StethoscopeHow To Put Id Tag On Stethoscope

There are plenty of options to customize one’s stethoscope in many ways. One of the most popular options is to get a custom engraving. A personalized, engraved stethoscope makes for an incredible gift and keepsake.

There’s also the option of getting your name engraved on your stethoscope. This is a gift that will last for years and can be passed on to future generations of doctors and nurses who come after you.

Another customization option is to change the color of your stethoscope. One way people do this is by changing out the tubing or oxygen sensor for the color of their choice. This is best for doctors and nurses who are working in a clinic setting or at home, as they don’t need to worry about the potential for contamination.


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