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You’re probably wondering, “what is a teaching stethoscope?” Teaching stethoscopes are tools that can be used to teach medical students how to properly perform a physical examination. They can also be used as an instructional tool for veterinary technicians and nurses. 

As a result of using this unique instrument, medical professionals gain valuable experience in the proper use of a stethoscope and assessing accurately. 

In this article, I will explain the basic workings of a teaching stethoscope as well as all the information you may need before you use one.

Teaching Stethoscope:

Medical professionals, such as nurses and doctors, often use teaching stethoscopes in their training. Training can occur in a hospital setting as well as in doctor’s offices, schools, or any other environment that allows medical professionals to obtain their training.

Here are the most important things to consider in this regard:

It contains two different earsets:

Stethoscopes have two separate ear sets connected to their bell and diaphragm. During training, the trainer wears one earset while the trainee wears the other. A trainer and student can both listen to different sounds of the body using a stethoscope simultaneously. 

An accurate assessment: 

 The trainer can better comprehend what is heard when he or she examines a patient simultaneously with their trainee. In this way, both can determine a clear and accurate assessment. 

What Makes a Teaching Stethoscope Effective?

It is essential that a teaching stethoscope must have two binaural. A physical examination can thus be conducted with both the trainer and the student listening simultaneously. Nevertheless, binaurals are still comfortable, reliable, and functional.

Angular Shape Design

Moreover, the ear tips on the Teaching Stethoscope have an angled shape design, which corresponds to the ear canals of both students and teachers. For every stethoscope, the ear tips need to be aligned. 

They give clinicians a comfortable way to wear the stethoscope. And supply an acoustic seal that reduces ambient noise and facilitates better sound transmission. Since these characteristics are necessary for any clinician, they are undoubtedly valuable to stethoscope teachers as well.


What are the advantages of teaching stethoscopes with dual heads?


The dual-head stethoscope has become a vital piece of medical equipment, allowing physicians to carry out more detailed and accurate physical examinations. Unlike most teaching stethoscopes, it has been designed with a dual-head so that it can be used for both the heart and lungs.


There are two-sided chest pieces to a dual-headed stethoscope. The two sides of a stethoscope may change depending on the model you buy. Most stethoscopes have two sides: one has a regular diaphragm, and the other has an open bell. 


On the other hand, some stethoscopes have two specific diaphragms on either side. Therefore, when using a stethoscope for a particular physical examination, make sure to check the chest piece for precise information.


Reviewing the Best Teaching Stethoscope Available on the Market


A stethoscope is fundamentally a practical gadget, but it also looks the part of a medical practitioner when slung over one’s shoulder. 

As a premium brand, Littman stethoscopes have traditionally been regarded as the best brand because of their long history, upgraded features and the technological advancements 3M has brought to the brand since taking over.


If you are new to teaching stethoscopes and don’t have any idea which one to choose, here is the stethoscope that is most frequently recommended by clinicians. You should definitely check it out. 


3M™ Littmann Classic II S.E Teaching Stethoscope:


Adapting the proven Classic II S.E design to create an outstanding educational tool, 3M Littmann’s Classic II S.E Teaching Stethoscope follows years of development and testing. Using dual headsets, instructors, and students are able to examine patients simultaneously and with high acoustic sensitivity.


High-quality Acoustic:

With its dual-sided, stainless steel chest piece, the 3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope provides exceptional acoustic sensitivity; one end has a diaphragm that can be adjusted while the other end has a traditional bell. 


Students and professionals use the Classic II SE Stethoscope in medical assessment and diagnosis to hear and identify sounds coming from the heart, lungs, and other parts of the body.


Features Tunable Technology:

The adjustable diaphragm technology, a product of 3M, provides clinicians with the ability to hear a variety of frequencies by simply adjusting the chest piece’s tension. 

Hold the chest piece lightly when listening to low frequency sounds; a little more force will enable you to hear higher frequencies. As a result, the healthcare provider becomes more focused on the patient, while the non-chill rim construction ensures patient comfort.


Adjustable Headset:

The headset tension can be adjusted by gripping or pulling the ear tubes to fit different head sizes and preferences. In addition, soft, snug-fitting ear tips conform to individual ears and provide a comfortable fit and excellent acoustic isolation. For safety reasons, ear tips click tightly into the tubes and are difficult to remove without significant effort.


Flexible and Durable Tubing:

The next-generation tubing is resilient and holds its shape even after being folded into a pocket tightly. Enhanced resistance against skin oils and alcohol means a longer stethoscope lifespan, as well as a reduced likelihood of staining. 


New tubing from 3M does not use natural rubber latex, making it more suitable for doctors and patients who are sensitive to the substance. Also, the next-generation tubing doesn’t contain any phthalates plasticizers, thus maintaining a safe working environment and the protection of human health.


Whether you are teaching cardiac auscultation or something else, the 3M Littman Classic II S.E. Teaching Stethoscope is perfect for educators interested in perpetuating the fine art of the stethoscope exam. 


The 3M Littmann Master Classic II Teaching Stethoscope provides comfort and high performance during teaching rounds by allowing for two listeners.


Compact Device for Teaching:

It is complicated to handle two-headed stethoscopes unless the clinician does it all day, which can be highly challenging. It is not apparent from the design that Littman is trying to make it compact. 


All in all, it is worth looking at the 3M Littman Classic II Stethoscope, which is an excellent example of a teaching stethoscope.


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