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8 Best Stethoscope For Blood Pressure

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Stethoscope For Blood Pressure

Choosing a stethoscope for blood pressure measurements could be a little tricky. There are so many options and variants of stethoscopes that you might find yourself lost in them! So, Here, we will guide you in choosing the stethoscope that is best for blood pressure measurement.


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Product Color Weight Built Material Price

Littmann Classic III

Best For Nurses

Black Edition Chestpiece, Black Tube
100 g
Stainless Steel + Rubber

Littmann Lightweight II

Best For Home Use

Black Tube
118 g


Best Acoustic Performance

All Black
450 g
Stainless Steel

MDF Acoustica

Best For Students

All Black (BlackOut)
150 g
Stainless Steel
Black Tube
300 g
Metal, Aluminum

PARAMED Stethoscope

Best Value For Money

310 g

Dixie Blood Pressure

Best All in One

Purple & Black
226 g

Dual Head Stethoscope

Best Budget Option

150 g
Stainless Steel

Latest studies show that around 20% of  the young population is now suffering from high blood pressure. With such high numbers – it’s very crucial to get yourself the best tool that accurately measures blood pressure.

Understanding Blood Pressure

As per Wikipedia – 

“Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Most of this pressure results from the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system. “

To put simply,  

Blood pressure commonly refers to the pressure at which our blood circulates in the body.

This will make you understand both terms, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.

  • High Blood Pressure: The state in which our blood is constantly pushing against the walls of arteries at high pressure. Thus – we feel a high heartbeat!
  • Low Blood pressure: The state in which our blood is constantly pushing against the wall of arteries at low pressure.

Measuring Blood Pressure

Measuring Blood Pressure is not as complex as it sounds! A well-educated man can measure blood pressure. But you need a little bit of experience in handling the sphygmomanometer. 

  • Sit Down and relax for 5 minutes before the procedure.
  • Tight the cuff around your bare arm about 1 inch above the Elbow.
  • Make sure the cuff isn’t too tight or too loose.
  • Place The diaphragm of the stethoscope under the cuff on your skin.
  • Put the Earpiece into your ears.
  • Start pumping and pump it to almost 150 to 160 points. (30 points extra of your normal high level)
  • Slowly lose the knob of the pump and try to listen to your heartbeat.
  • The point at which you first heard your heartbeat is your systolic pressure.
  • The point where you can listen to your heartbeat is your diastolic pressure.

Understanding Blood Pressure Measurements

In the previous section, we have figured out how to take blood pressure measurements by yourself. 
In that procedure, we got two crucial figures i.e systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.
Now it’s time to understand these terms and how they are important in understanding!

  • Systolic pressure is the force blood exerts on the wall of arteries when the heart beats.
  • Diastolic pressure is the force blood exerts on the wall of arteries when the heart rests between two heartbeats.

The normal blood pressure of a healthy person is 120/80 – 120 systolic pressure and 80 diastolic pressure.

The graph below from heart.org shows other types of blood pressure!

Decision-Making Factors For Buying Stethoscope For Blood Pressure

Are you a doctor or ICU nurse looking for the best stethoscope for blood pressure? If so, then I have just what you need. Here we will review some of the best stethoscopes on the market and give information on how to properly use them.
Raised blood pressure causes many medical emergencies worldwide, so prevention is better than curing it. Having the best stethoscope for blood pressure at home or hospital helps you record accurate data with perfect accuracy. 
People get sick and don’t know until they arrive at a hospital that their blood pressure is dangerously high. If they had learned and taken the appropriate precaution, it could have been prevented.
There are many stethoscopes, but which one is for you can be a little confusing. That’s why to help you select the best stethoscope for the blood pressure that you need. We have prepared a list after analyzing lots of potential choices on the market.

Purpose of Use 

Which stethoscope you should choose depends upon the purpose of the usage. For example, in this case, if you want a stethoscope just to check the blood pressure reading, any inexpensive stethoscope from a trusted brand will do the job. But if you also want to use it for something other than blood pressure, then a more advanced version is a more wise choice.

Chest Piece Style 

There are also single-sided chest pieces, although a dual-sided piece is more versatile as it has an open bell or pediatric side on the other side so that it can be used in many situations. But the single one has better acoustics thanks to only one opening. That’s why most cardiology grades are usually single-sided. But for blood pressure, both are good choices as long as they have decent performance.

Tubing Length

Tubing length can be a neglected feature whose benefit is only apparent once you start using it. You can get a stethoscope with a length of 22 to 31 tubing should be medium, not too short, or too long. If the tubing is short, you need to get cold to the patient every time you diagnose, which can be uncomfortable.

Tunable Diaphragm 

Selecting a stethoscope that features the tunable diaphragm is always a smart choice because it allows you high and low-frequency sound though due to the difference in the pressure. This saves time and also offers more versatile use. This saves some time in some conditions where you have to compare two sounds.

Latex-free Tubing 

If you have allergies or have sensitive skin, always check whether the tubing is latex-free. Most of the brands don’t use natural rubber in their tubing; even if you have no issue with the latex, the patient you are treating might have something which can be a little uncomfortable for them.

Our Selection Criteria

Weight :
Stethoscopes we listed down are specially those ones that are easy on your shoulders to carry!

Large Dial :
We selected the units that offer easy readability for the users as we consider professionals and home users as our primary audience.

Shelf Life :
We selected the units that offer higher longer life and that obviously come from stainless steel diaphragm.

We did not include stethoscopes that are over priced and hefty to carry!

#1 3M Littmann Classic III

Best For Nurses

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope7

3M Littmann Classic III 

Best Option For Nurses

Best for nurses and hospital staff as the 3M Littmann Classic III is pretty accurate in its checking blood pressure. Also, its weight is only 150 g, which is too easy for anyone to carry.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

For a medical professional, Littmann classic iii  is no stranger because they are the top manufacturer of stethoscope. They made the best stethoscopes from general use to Cardiology grade and electronic, which is the most advanced. For those of you looking for a stethoscope that can measure blood pressure, among other things, the Littmann Classic III stethoscope is more than a good choice. 

They are designed for monitoring purposes and can take reliable measurements of the patient’s condition. The dual-sided makes it a versatile and lightweight design ideal for long shifts. Stainless steel chest piece not just gives it a premium look but also exceptional performance. 

Chest Piece material Stainless steel
Diaphragm Tunable
Weight 150g or 5.5oz
Open bell Convertible
Chest Piece height 22 mm
Length 27 inches

Quality Material 

Every tool has material that works best and allows it to give superior performance than any other material. For this stethoscope, that material is stainless steel, which offers excellent acoustic performance, durability, and lightweight. That is why most stainless steel chest pieces can cost more than other materials. Tubing is made from thick material that prevents the sound from getting compromised by still retaining flexibility.

Versatile Design 

A medical professional deals with patients of different ages in their practice, unless they are specialists in specific fields, like pediatricians, etc. A dual chest piece design is designed to make monitoring the patient’s condition as convenient as possible. 

One side is the adult side, and the other side is the pediatric side for children. Not just The pediatric side can also be converted into an open bell by simply removing the diaphragm. 

Dual-Sided Chest Piece

Although we have selected the stethoscope that is designed for taking blood pressure, this stethoscope is designed to do more than that.

Despite being dual-sided, the chest piece is slim, which is 20mm ideal for siding under pressure cuffs when taking blood pressure.

A stethoscope that is used for limited physical assessment can easily take blood pressure, but this one is designed for more than that, like monitoring the patient’s condition.

  • Build for monitoring and physical assessment
  • Dual-sided chest piece Adult and pediatric
  • Wide range of vibrant tubing colours and finish
  • Two tunable diaphragm
  • Durable and flexible design
  • Latex and phthalate plasticizers free tubing
  • Lightweight
  • 27 inches length
  • 5-year warranty
  • Is not cardiology grade
  • Single lumen tubing instead of dual
  • Tubing comes in one size

#2 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E 

Best For Home Use

3m lightweight II S.E Stethoscope is available at a reasonable price value makes it a more affordable stethoscope for home use because it’s lightweight and flexible tubing makes it easy to store.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

Littmann also has created another stethoscope in a more affordable range for blood pressure and limited physical assessment. Littmann Lightweight II S.E. is a more affordable stethoscope, but its lightweight feature makes it more unique.

Chestpiece is also dual-sided, but one with a diaphragm, and the other is the open bell design with which you will listen to the more accurate sound. Tubing is also decent on these, and the headset is made from metal which gives it more durability.

Chest piece design Tear shape
Weight 118g / 4.1oz
Length 28 inches / 71.1 cm
Chest piece finish Metal and Resin Composite
Acoustic Performance Level 6
Made in USA

Tear Shape Design

When something is designed based on the customer’s perception, it reveals the manufacturer’s intention. When you first look at the chest piece of Lightweight S.E., you will notice it is not the traditional circular chest piece; instead, it has a tear shape design.

This unique design is not just for creating to differentiate; instead, it features a unique functional advantage. Tear shape is easier for taking the reading under the blood pressure cuffs and bandages, making it ideal for checking blood pressure.

28 Inches Tubing

Length of tubing might not look like an essential factor in the performance, but an optimal length can make your life a little easier. The most stethoscope comes in 22 or 27 inches tubing, but this particular stethoscope has a tube length of 28 inches, which most nurses and EMTs prefer.

When checking the blood pressure of wheelchair users, a good length eliminates the need to crouch.


Weighing around 118g / 4.1oz, Littmann lightweight S.E. is the 2nd lighter out of all the Littmann stethoscopes. The most common place where medical professionals store there is around their neck. Most stethoscopes weigh a few hundred grams which might not look much, but when worn on long shifts, it adds up, so the lighter the stethoscope weighs, the better.

  • Teardrops shape chest piece
  • One of the lightweight on the market
  • 28 inches long tubing
  • Diaphragm and open bell chest piece
  • Design for limited physical assessment
  • Chestpiece is not made of stainless steel

#3 MDF MD One Stainless Steel Stethoscope – Best Acoustic Performance

Best Acoustic Performance

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Stethoscope 

Best Acoustic Performance

MDF is a good option if you want the best stethoscope for blood pressure with more personality and aesthetics. The acoustic performance is also outstanding since it can reliably deliver the heart, lung, and Korotkoff sounds without any issue.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

MDF stethoscopes are another big name in the stethoscope industry, and it is responsible for many stunning stethoscopes on the market. They have been creating handcrafted stethoscopes and other medical instruments since 1971 with over five-decade of experience under their belt and are the competitors of the Littmann.

MDF MD One is a remarkable balance between quality and presentation brace along with good acoustic. It also offers stunning finishes and tubing color options. The stainless chest piece gives a premium feel to it and can also be found in adult, pediatric, and infant sizes, making it a good option if you are looking for a particular size.

Chest Piece material Stainless steel or Titanium
Diaphragm side 1.7 inches / 44mm
Bell size 1.3 inches / 34mm
Safety lock Yes
Tubing Latex-free
Warranty Lifetime

Vibrant colors 

Many manufacturers have overlooked the aesthetics of the stethoscope, but MDF has provided a unique and wide range of vibrant color options that are unique in the industry. 

Out of the chest, piece finish Rose gold is the most appealing and popular. The other option it offers in the stainless steel version is the Silver and white finish and many tubing variations. But in a titanium version, tubing can be selected with a pattern design unique to the MDF stethoscope.

Safety Locks

All of the MDF stethoscopes feature a safety lock on their headset. The main reason for this is to save your ears from injury. In case the earbuds come off, it will stop them from penetrating the ear canal. These earbuds are also very comfortable and create a perfect seal that will block the outside sound from interfering.

Built Quality

How something is built will determine how durable it is and how long it will last. The Chestpiece of M.D. comes in two versions. 

One is stainless steel, and the other material that it comes from is Titanium. If you choose Titanium, it will cost a little more than the stainless steel version, which is why Titanium is a very superior metal to stainless steel and offers better acoustics.

  • Premium quality
  • Latex-free tubing
  • Vibrant colors
  • Different size ear tips
  • Safety Lock
  • Tubing with pattern can only be found in the titanium version

#4 MDF Acoustica Lightweight Stethoscope

Best For Students

MDF Acoustica Lightweight Stethoscope

Best Stethoscope For Student

Its lightweight design and decent price range make it a good choice for medical or nursing students and house users who don’t want to break the bank. The color variation allows it to give more personality.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

MDF Acoustica is a more affordable stethoscope for blood pressure made by the MDF instrument costing lower, but there is no compromise on the quality. It has the signature look of MDF. This model is also popular with over 22 thousand reviews and still maintains a rating of 4.5 out of 5, which is proof of its quality.

The chest piece is made of aluminum, making it more lightweight since the chest piece of a stethoscope contributes to its weight the most. Featuring the safety lock, this also comes with ear tips of three different sizes and a wide range of vibrant colors.

Color variation 20+
Headset ErgonoMax
Chest Piece Rotatable
Chest Piece material Aluminum
Handcrafted Since 1971
Warranty Free-parts-for-life Program

3 Eartips Sizes

There are some features without which a stethoscope can work fine, but if they are included, then it can improve productivity and efficiency. Having an option to choose from different sizes of ear tips is another edge! It comes in regular, medium, and large sizes

So with MDF Acoustica, everyone can have a perfect seal, so no external sound interferes with the reading, which is lacking in many stethoscopes of the same price range.

Easily Portable

Originally this particular model of the stethoscope was made for the humanitarian mission and disaster response team. In the disaster area, most of the traveling is on foot or by helicopter, so in these situations, a durable and lightweight stethoscope is in disaster. 

MDF has reduced its 33% weight to make it as light as possible so it is more portable and can handle rough environments.

Free Parts for Life 

One main difference between MDF and Littmann products is their warranty period. You will get free parts of this special stethoscope for lifetime. 

Another unique thing is the Free-Part-for-Life program which means that you can request free parts of the stethoscope like ear tips and diaphragm etc. All you need to do is to register on their website to gain an advantage from it.

  • Design to be more portable
  • A wide variety of colors
  • Handcrafted since 1971
  • 29 inches long for convenience
  • Chest Piece is made of aluminum

#5 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Classic II

Best For EMT

#5 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Classic II -Best Option For EMT

This is a good choice for EMT-certified nurses since they can do a physical assessment of cardiac and can take blood pressure. If you prefer the single-sided

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

If you like the single-side chest piece, 3M Littmann Master Classic II will be the best stethoscope for blood pressure. The Littmann stethoscope needs no introduction when it comes to quality, and the master classic explains the reason behind it.

Despite being the single head design, the stethoscope has a tunable diaphragm, and like all classic series features, the 27 inches tubing slim design of the chest piece will also make it a deal when taking blood pressure.

Brand Littmann
Chest Piece diameter 1.75 inches / 4.4cm
Diaphragm Tunable
Tube Design Single Lumen Tubing
Headset material Aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum

Reduced Background Noises

The single-sided design might look less versatile, but it has its advantage over the dual-headed chest piece. For example, in the single-sided design, the other side is sealed, and there is one opening for the sound to enter; this also doesn’t let the external sound from interfering. 

Slim Design

Due to the single head design, the chest piece is slim because there is no open bell on the other side to make it bulkier. The slim design is also easier to slide under the sphygmomanometer, making it easier to check blood pressure. Another uniqueness they have regarding the design is that it is easier to grip the chest piece.

Aerospace Alloy Ear  Tips

Eartips and the headset of the Littmann stethoscope are liked by many due to their comfortability factor. The headset is made from Aerospace alloy, which allows good sound transmission and acoustic performance. Eartips on these are also very comfortable, ideal for a longer session.

  • Excellent acoustic
  • Slim and easy-grip design
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Latex and phthalate plasticizers free tubing
  • Some people find single-sided design less versatile

#6 PARAMED Stethoscope – Classic Dual Head

Best For Money

#6 PARAMED Stethoscope - Classic Dual Head - Best Value For Money

Best for nurses and hospital staff as the 3M Littmann Classic III is pretty accurate in its checking blood pressure. Also, its weight is only 150 g, which is too easy for anyone to carry.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

This PARAMED stethoscope comes with two pairs of spare earbuds, a name tag with a Dual-headed design, and still costs less than 30 dollars. This can be a good gift for a person who needs it to only check blood because of its decent acoustic sensitivity.

Checking blood pressure can be a task a decent stethoscope can do easily, and this one is designed for more. The dual-headed chest piece and the long-length tubes are more comfortable to use. The chest piece is also slim, which is easy to slide under the pressure cuffs.

Chest piece 360 rotatable
Length 29.5 inches / 75cm
Tubing Latex-Free
Spare kit Two pairs of Eartips
Name tag

Comfortable Length 

Despite its low price, this stethoscope is built to a very high standard. The stethoscope is 29.5 inches long, which is quite a comfortable length. 

When someone has some abnormal blood pressure, they mostly lay down or sit down. 

This long length will come in handy, and you will check the reading and administer the required treatment. And the stethoscope will not be pulled out when you move a little, which can be issued with the short tuning. 

Spare kit

Every instrument has some component that usually gets worn out more quickly than any other. For a stethoscope, these components are the earbuds and the diaphragm lucky every manufacturer also sells replacements. But PARAMED Stethoscope’s box, an accessory box, is also included, which has two pairs of earbuds and a diaphragm replacement, and you don’t have to buy them. 

Latex-free tubing

Allergies are a very common issue these days and can cause many serious discomforts to people. If you are allergic to latex or the patient you treat has sensitive skin, this stethoscope is good for you because it is latex-free, and even if you are not, it is always better to be safe.

  • Long tubing length
  • Multipurpose design
  • Flexible tubing
  • 360 rotatable chest piece
  • No clear warranty is indicated
  • It only comes in Black

#7 Dixie EMS Blood Pressure Stethoscope

Best All in One

#7 Dixie EMS Blood Pressure Stethoscope - Best All in One Stethoscope

Dixie EMS Blood Pressure Stethoscope 

Best Al in One Stethoscope

It is a better option for individuals that want to buy a complete kit for under 25 dollars with a Sprague Rappaport-style stethoscope. All come in carrying cases which do come in handy when storing and traveling.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

Dixie EMS Blood Pressure Kit is a good option if you want to have a device to check your blood pressure whenever you feel you have any irregularity in your blood pressure. This kit comes with pressure cuffs, a stethoscope, and much more, all under 25 dollars.

Stethoscope type Sprague Rappaport
Color option 10 fun colors
Pressure Cuff capacity For arms of 10" and 16" in circumference.
Tubing Dual tubing
Accessories Extra earbuds
zippered storage case

All in one kit

This kit has all the things you will need to measure the blood pressure of someone, including the Sprague Style Stethoscope and One Sphygmomanometer Pressure Cuff, two things required to check the blood pressure. You can keep it at home or at your clinic as a dedicated blood pressure checking stethoscope.

Sprague Rappaport

People who do not have much experience might find this type new, but it is a uniquely designed stethoscope for better sound transmission from the tubing, and the dual lumen is its evolved version. It has two tubings instead of one in some stethoscopes. These dual tubings transmit sound to each ear through separate tubes. This reduces the risk of loss in the sound and also eliminates the rubbing sound.

Carrying Case

Storage can be a little messy if there is more than one item, especially with tubing. Luckily this kit comes in decent-looking carrying cases in which you can put everything away, including the spare kit, which is always handy to have. The tubing is also very flexible, so keeping it is even more manageable, and it will retain its shape again when taken out again.

  • All in one kit
  • Ten charming color options
  • Sprague Rappaport style stethoscope
  • Dual-sided, adult and pediatric
  • Stethoscope acoustic is just decent

#8 Dual Stethoscope

Best For Budget

#8 Dual Stethoscope - Best For Budget

Dual Stethoscope

Best For Budget

Best stethoscope For Low price lovers –  six color choices, and the name tag make a good gift for your friend. This is also a good option if you are a student yourself and don’t want to spend too much money on expensive ones.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

We have introduced many stethoscopes with quality features and manageable prices from FriCare. This stethoscope has a chest piece with a tunable diaphragm which is a convenient feature to have. The color option is also offered price to value, and long tubing means more comfort when checking the patient.

Tubing is also flexible and oil resistant, which will last longer, and you don’t need to replace it often. This product falls in the best  affordable stethoscope for blood pressure but comes with a lifetime warranty, giving the customer greater peace of mind.

Diaphragm type Tunable
Open bell size 1.34 inches
Diaphragm side 1.77 inches
Eartips style Screw on
Acoustic performance S1 and S2 sound

Excellent Gift 

Getting into a medical college is an achievement in itself that requires a lot of effort and hard work, and something that a medical professional and student need as essential is the stethoscope. 

In case your friend or relative is planning to enter medical college and has begun his journey to becoming a doctor, then a stethoscope will be a great gift. 

You might think a stethoscope can be a little expensive but don’t worry; this one is a good choice –  thanks to its low price and excellent quality.

S1 and S2 Sound Detection

Stethoscope performance can be determined by how faintest to faintest sound it can detect. This FriCare stethoscope can easily detect the S1 and S2 sound carotid bruits lung, and heart mumbles, which is more than what is needed for a stethoscope for checking blood pressure. These stethoscopes also make it a more reasonable choice for home use, and in case you have a person with medical at home, it can also check other abnormalities and measures on time.

Tunable Diaphragm

A tunable diaphragm on these is a feature that is usually found on the premium and more experienced stethoscope, more commonly in the Littmann stethoscope. It can save a lot of time since you can get more information from one spot without moving the chest piece. 

In a tunable diaphragm, you can listen to low-frequency and high-frequency sounds by only changing the amount of pressure. For a low frequency, you need to press the diaphragm lightly, and for a high, you will need to press the chest piece firmly.

  • Inexpensive
  • S1 and S2 deduction
  • Perfect gift
  • Tunable Diaphragm
  • Six colors tubing
  • Some people find the ear tips little uncomfortable


Yes, you can use a cardiology-grade stethoscope for checking blood pressure. Cardiology stethoscopes are more than qualified for this task since they are designed to listen to more sensitive sounds. Even a general stethoscope that is designed for limited physical assessment can also be used for blood pressure readings. 

When checking the blood pressure, make sure you do it in a less noisy environment and slowly deflate the balloon. Meanwhile, also listen to the sound as you hear the Korotkoff note the reading on the sphygmomanometer. That will be your blood pressure reading. That will be your blood pressure reading.

Summing Up

The occurrence of high blood pressure is a widespread problem these days. That’s why everyone should keep the best stethoscope for blood pressure and pressure cuffs at home. If you are selecting for the first time, selecting and choosing a stethoscope for blood pressure measurement can be a little daunting and tedious task. 

We have reviewed the best stethoscopes for blood pressure in this comprehensive buying guide. We hope the list has helped you narrow down your choice.

If you are still a little confused about deciding the stethoscope best for you, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. is an option you can consider. Thanks to the length of weight, it is easy to carry around. The dual-headed design with the open bell on one side and the tunable diaphragm is a good option for home. But if you want to use it for nursing jobs and long shifts, then 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope is a more valid option.

About your guide

Muhammad Bilal Qayyum
MBBS from Taishan Medical University and currently working in Bahawal Victoria Hospital. The blog is a great resource for both novices and experienced users when it comes to stethoscopes. As I studied and practiced, I evaluated various models on the market, which led me to become an expert in stethoscopes.

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