Mdf Acoustica Deluxe Review

MDF Instruments is one of the titans of the stethoscope world; they are famous for making a top-notch quality and affordable stethoscope. Their stethoscopes are known for performance and aesthetic look and design. They have been making stethoscopes and other medical instruments since 1971, so they have more than 70 years of experience under their belt.

MDF Acoustica Deluxe results from its experience and innovation, which is the perfect mixture of performance, quality, and style. This particular stethoscope is created out of necessity. 

This stethoscope has been designed to meet the need for lightweights in emergencies and disaster response situations. 

Because in the disaster areas, the delivery is usually done through airdrop or helicopter, and the medical helpers need to go through difficult terrain, so the lighter, the better. MDF has skillfully improved the design and reduced the weight by 33%, and thus MDF Acoustica was born.


MDF Acoustica Deluxe Review

Brand MDF
Weight  133g /4.7 Oz
Length  75cm / 29.5inch
Turnable Diaphragm  Available
Diaphragm Size  44mm / 1.7 Inches
Bell-Side Size 34 Mm / 1.3 Inches
Chest Piece Finishes  7 Finishes
Chest Piece Material  Aluminum 
Tubing  Single Lumen, Latex-Free
Safety Lock Included 
Warranty  Free-Parts-For-Life Program
Spare Kit
  • Small, Regular, Large Ear Tips
  • An Extra Diaphragm
  • Non-Chill Rings, 
  • Retaining Rings
  • Name Tag


The reduction of weight also resulted in reducing the cost, which they have also delivered to the customers. Therefore, they are very affordable stethoscopes available on the market, costing less than many other stethoscopes without sacrificing any features. 


Knowing all of that, it should not come as a surprise that currency is one of the best-selling stethoscopes on Amazon, with more than 21000 reviews and 4.5 stars, which is proof of their quality itself.

Low prices and good acoustic performance make it a good choice for medical students. The fantastic acoustic performance on these stethoscopes is also top quality, which lets you accuse the heart-lung and Korotkoff sound reliability. If you want a stethoscope that can easily meet your day-to-day needs. 

Nurses also find it useful because they can take blood pressure and another general physical assessment of the patient. This lightweight option also makes it easier to move around and comfortable when working long hours.

Aside from the functional capability and another characteristic of the MDF acoustic that makes it unique and attractive is its sleek design. MDF has also got you covered In terms of color choice, the wider range of color choice in the chest piece, and tubing. 

They are also durable and flexible, which will last very long. On top of that, the lifetime warranty gives extra customer extract assurance, which you might not need to use due to the durable design.


Let’s take a closer look at these things:

Chest Piece

Dual Headed Chest Piece

MDF Acoustica deluxe features the dual-headed chest piece with the diaphragm side, which is adult size, and the other side has a bell-shaped design. This feature makes it more versatile and useful. 

The chest piece’s step is fully rotatable and saves a lot of the precise time, and will not cause strain on the tubing, thus increasing its life. The green dot also helps you know which channel is active. The chest piece is also made of premium aluminum, superior to the stethoscope with a plastic chest piece. 

Tunable Diaphragm

The chest piece diaphragm of this stethoscope is tunable, which is a full feature and is mainly found in premium quality stethoscopes. 

With the change in the pressure, you can listen to the high and low-frequency sound, which will save a lot of time and assesses the patient condition more reliable. If you are checking the patient’s blood pressure and want to listen to Korotkoff, which is a low-frequency sound, lightly press the chest piece. 

Similarly, if you are trying, you listen to high-frequency sounds, add firm pressure, and you will be able to hear sounds like heartbeat and breathing sounds. With this, you will be able to isolate the sounds by comparing them in high and low frequency will give you a unique perspective of the situation and make your judgment more reliable. 


The diameter of the chest piece is the adult side of the chest is 44mm / 1.7 inches which is the same as many quality stethoscopes. And 34 mm / 1.3 inches is the diameter of the bell size.

Elegant finishes

Let now talk about the feature that makes it unique and pleasing, which is the finishing of the chest piece. Even at an affordable price, MDF offers seven sleek chest piece finishes allowing you to choose from white, black, light blue, red, gold, Rose gold, and matte rose gold. 

This means you can customize your stethoscope to fit your preferences and don’t have to stick with the metal finish that other manufacturers offer.


Non-Chill Rim For Comfort

The metal is an excellent thermal conductor which quickly gets chill in cold weather. Which when during check-ups, will cause discomfort to the patient when it comes in contact with the patient skin. 

But you will not face this issue with Acoustica deluxe because it comes with a non-chill rim that does not get cold like metal providing comfort to the patient.

Engraving Option

How many times do we forget? Sometimes we forget something and forget to pick it up when leaving the bus or subway. 

When we are mentally occupied or exhausted, and we never find them again. It is only human to forget sometimes. MDF allows you to engrave your name for some additional charges. So if you lost it, your colleague might recognize it and return it to you. If someone stole it, you would be able to recognize it, and engraving is hard to remove. 

If you do want to engrave it, don’t worry. This stethoscope also comes with a free name tag which might be an excellent alternative to engraving with more space to add other info.


The tubing of the stethoscope play’s a vital role in efficiency and accuracy because it is the component of the stethoscope that acts as the connection between chest piece and headset. So if tubing can not transmit the sound accurately, no matter how efficient the chest piece is, it does not achieve its full potential.


The tubing of the MDF Acoustica is made of high-quality and high-density PVC material, which is 9mm thick external in diameter. And a 2.5mm thick wall prevents the sound from leaking and blocks the external sound so you can have reliable reading. And the 4.5 mm internal tube cavity makes sure the sound is delivered to the headset without any loss. 


The stethoscope length is 29.5 inches which is longer than the average stethoscope available in the market. Which many medical professional demands. With a longer tube, there is no need to get too close to the patient. Another advantage of this is the taller people don’t have to bend to check the patient. The tubing is also single lumen tubing with a smooth texture to it.


The latex-free tubing provides to individuals with sensitive skin or the people who deal with patients with sensitive skin. The tubing is also made of nonsticky insulation, which improves the acoustic and prevents it from pulling the hair or cause rashes due to the friction if you wear them a lot around your neck.

The tubing is a bit flexible and durable, which means it will return to its original shape if you fold them and the insulation on the tubing also prevents the cracking and the wear and tear that occurs over time.

Wide Variety Of Colours

Colour might not have a functional advantage, but freedom to choose from a wide variety of options is also an appreciated feature. Like chest, piece tubing can also be found in a wide variety of options. 

You can choose from black, aqua green, bright blue, burgundy, fuchsia, grey, navy blue, pastel blue, pastel purple, pink, purple, raspberry, and white. You can choose whichever suits your taste. The price might vary from color to color.

Headset And Eartips

Multi Ear Tips Sizes

The three different ear tips sizes that come with it can be like a changer. Like shoes and clothes somewhere, some people can easily find their fit, and some struggle to find the perfect fit because people have different body features. 

The same is true for ears. We all have different ears, so how can be one size the small, regular, and large ear tips make sure everyone is comfortable using them.

The ComfortSeal ear tips are made of very soft yet durable material that makes a perfect seal in the ear. This prevents external sound, which increases sound accuracy. 

Safety Lock

The safety lock feature is also an essential and necessary feature that most manufacturers neglect but not the MDF. Safety lock saves the headset from injuring the ear in case ear tips come off. 

The MDF Acoustica deluxe ear tips don’t come off easily, but prevention is better than cure. This stethoscope has ErgonoMax, which gives a good performance and has a durable feel to it. It is angled in such a way that it sits in your ears perfectly.


Like chest piece headset also has the option of selecting seven finishes that will always match the chest piece colors. For extra durability and comfort, a dual-leaf spring is also integrated into the headset.


They approximately wait around 133g / 4.7 oz, which is even.2 oz lighter than the Procardial stethoscope, which has a titanium chest piece. Weight is a factor that many people underestimate but is important to consider when selecting a stethoscope. You are going to wear this stethoscope around your neck for few minutes. It might be no big deal, but the weight adds up over time during a long shift. That Acoustica deluxe lightweights will benefit you.

Price And Warranty

MDF Acoustica deluxe all-black stethoscope costs almost 25 $ currently on amazon. Other colors might have slight color variations in their prices. They are a good choice if you don’t want to spend too much money and still want to have a decent pair of stethoscopes.

They have a very fantastic lifetime warranty. Aside from that, they also offer a Free-Parts-for-Life program that you can join after registration on their website, and you can get free parts that you can receive via mail or visit them yourself.


With this stethoscope, you also get a spare kit that includes three different size ear tips, small regular and large, one extra diaphragm, non-chill rings, retaining rings, and name tags.

Having a replacement diaphragm is always good because it gets lost sometimes; although you get them for free if you have registered for the Free-Parts-for-Life program, replacing the spot is better. The name tag is also helpful in displacement, and it is a free substitute for engraving.


In over opinion, the lightweight design and very affordable price make it ideal for medical students and nurses because it can sufficiently do the general assessment task. With the lifetime warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life program, it will last very long in your possession.


  • A lightweight design ideal for mobility 
  • Affordably priced 
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Five aesthetic chest pieces and headset finishes 
  • Tunable diaphragm and portable chest piece
  • Dual headed design 
  • Above-average length 
  • Latex-free tubing 
  • Choice of 19 color variation
  • Safety lock 
  • Three different ear tips sizes-small, regular, large
  • Lifetime warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life program
  • Handcrafted 



  • The aluminum chest price reduces the acoustic performance.
  • Features single lumen tube
  • A longer tube affects the sound transmission.
  • The tube is a little thick affects the flexibility.



Do nurses need MDF Acoustica Deluxestethoscopes?

Yes, nurses can use such stethoscopes. They might not use the cardiology grade stethoscope, but a regular stethoscope is essential for the nurses. They need to do the general assessment of the patient by checking the heartbeat, lungs, abdomen, and take the patient’s blood pressure. 

Is MDF a good stethoscope brand?

MDF Instruments is one of the oldest and well-established stethoscope brands since 1971. MDF and Littmann are considered the titans of the stethoscope market. Both offered a more comprehensive range of stethoscopes, in terms of build quality but also in terms of acoustic performances well.

Summing up

This comprehensive MDF Acoustica Deluxe review has been prepared as an assist to your assessment and decision-making process. If you are looking for a lightweight, portable, and sleek design stethoscope, this can be affordable. Stethoscopes are backed by a lifetime warranty and a Free-Parts-for-Life program that ensures durability and long life.


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